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Salvatore Leone phone call

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I've been looking for a phone call in which Salvatore is keeping a guy hostage, during the call you hear a gunshot, I believe the video was called (on youtube) 'Grand theft quotes' or something similar. Video was taken down.


I've never heard it myself in the game. I hope someone can understand what I'm looking for here. Help much appreciated, thanks.


It might also be from San Andreas. Either way it's most likely cut content.

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San Andreas didn't have the character, that I'm aware of, I bought the PS2 version after some time, pining for dual analogs, but with the projects of PS3 and 360 (XB) repairs, I spent more time with the newer gen games. I'd look for it if you have an idea of where in the game it is, one thing you can do for something of a spoiler is look up mission titles in as close an order as the plot can be assigned (Since there are mission branches and open play options)


One such source is the famous Brady guide, put together with Rockstar's input

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San Andreas did indeed have Salvatore Leone, CJ even does a few missions for him, including a famous mission where you fly to Liberty City.


As for at what point in the game this phone call occur. I don't think it ever does, unless there is differences from the pc and console versions.


I'm thinking of going through all the SA audio files with a gta sound extractor. I appreciate your input BlackListedB

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