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  1. VCMP is still alive and well in 2020. DM Hanney RP Klaus Stunting MtS Racing habla Useful forums below. https://www.vc-mp.org (Down atm) https://littlewhiteys.com// https://viceunderdogs.com/
  2. San Andreas did indeed have Salvatore Leone, CJ even does a few missions for him, including a famous mission where you fly to Liberty City. As for at what point in the game this phone call occur. I don't think it ever does, unless there is differences from the pc and console versions. I'm thinking of going through all the SA audio files with a gta sound extractor. I appreciate your input BlackListedB
  3. I've been looking for a phone call in which Salvatore is keeping a guy hostage, during the call you hear a gunshot, I believe the video was called (on youtube) 'Grand theft quotes' or something similar. Video was taken down. I've never heard it myself in the game. I hope someone can understand what I'm looking for here. Help much appreciated, thanks. It might also be from San Andreas. Either way it's most likely cut content.
  4. I'ts really happening!

  5. Just like GTA IV was the best? sure... Depends on the individual.
  6. Go to the highest mountain, or look for sharks
  7. Aside from all if or if not talk, weather or not Tommy would have more guns, and backup from various gangs. I still think if it was purely those two going at it, I'd still think Tommy would beat the crap out of him.
  8. I think its something that have been missing for a very long time. It would be very cool to see. By having such a thing makes the game twice as big and explorable. I liked the freedom back from SA to go for a big fly into the sky, I mean with this, it would just rule even more, or imagine a big airplane between some towers in town. There would be tons of things to do just with that feature
  9. Quite good mate, gonna check up your third one, ones its out
  10. No need to make two topics for the same thing:). Right now there aint no servers to connect onto VCMP, the developers have just made the new 0.3, and are moving the serves to the new location.. For more info visit: vicecitymultiplayer.com
  11. After that previous bumb, Ill think Ill post. Played it yes, on the ps2 console. Overall decent game, its nowhere near the original ofc. It was pretty good to see some new features, but It didnt really raise the game much, imo.
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