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  1. VCMP is still alive and well in 2020. DM Hanney RP Klaus Stunting MtS Racing habla Useful forums below. https://www.vc-mp.org (Down atm) https://littlewhiteys.com// https://viceunderdogs.com/
  2. San Andreas did indeed have Salvatore Leone, CJ even does a few missions for him, including a famous mission where you fly to Liberty City. As for at what point in the game this phone call occur. I don't think it ever does, unless there is differences from the pc and console versions. I'm thinking of going through all the SA audio files with a gta sound extractor. I appreciate your input BlackListedB
  3. I've been looking for a phone call in which Salvatore is keeping a guy hostage, during the call you hear a gunshot, I believe the video was called (on youtube) 'Grand theft quotes' or something similar. Video was taken down. I've never heard it myself in the game. I hope someone can understand what I'm looking for here. Help much appreciated, thanks. It might also be from San Andreas. Either way it's most likely cut content.
  4. I'ts really happening!

  5. Just like GTA IV was the best? sure... Depends on the individual.
  6. Go to the highest mountain, or look for sharks
  7. Aside from all if or if not talk, weather or not Tommy would have more guns, and backup from various gangs. I still think if it was purely those two going at it, I'd still think Tommy would beat the crap out of him.
  8. I think its something that have been missing for a very long time. It would be very cool to see. By having such a thing makes the game twice as big and explorable. I liked the freedom back from SA to go for a big fly into the sky, I mean with this, it would just rule even more, or imagine a big airplane between some towers in town. There would be tons of things to do just with that feature
  9. Quite good mate, gonna check up your third one, ones its out
  10. No need to make two topics for the same thing:). Right now there aint no servers to connect onto VCMP, the developers have just made the new 0.3, and are moving the serves to the new location.. For more info visit: vicecitymultiplayer.com
  11. After that previous bumb, Ill think Ill post. Played it yes, on the ps2 console. Overall decent game, its nowhere near the original ofc. It was pretty good to see some new features, but It didnt really raise the game much, imo.
  12. True, it might just be to demonstrate that these are wiseguys, not to be fucked with.
  13. Allright this is something that I've been thinking through over the past half year or so, and I've just did it with this caracter since he is my favourite one. It is a interpretation taken straight of of google translate, so there is plenty of typing errors and spelling mistakes, and I couldnt be bothered, sorry. It is something I did all by myself and its just a thought on how he worked out his hole life. I have some weird typing program so thats why Im not going to upload it, Im just gonna post the text and hope someone will take there time and read it. And then give your opinions or give your explanation of what you have been thinking. Keep in mind this is all just speculation it is not based on any type of source. Lastly, the difference between "South & North" Liberty City is that South is (GTA 3) His childhood - and North is (GTA 4) By the time he is old. Enjoy. Tommy Vercetti 1953 - 2008 est. The picture seen Tommy Vercetti Known as: 'The Harwood Butcher' Known from: The Mafia Residency: St. Marks (1953-1973), LCPD (1973-1988), Star Fish Island (1988-1992), Beach Gate (1992-2008) Family: His father, The Forelis Employment: counterfeiting "(1968-1972), Mob Soldier (1972-1988), Don (1988-2008) Contacts: Ken Rosenberg, Sonny Foreli, Lance Vance, Ricardo Diaz, Mario, Avery Carrington, Umberto Robina, Mercedes, Love Fist, mf. Status: Mercedes After Searched for: murder, cocaine trafficking, cocaine abuse, smuggling, extortion and Counterfeiting Lawyer: Ken Rosenberg (1988-1992) Car: Lamborghini, limo, Volvo Cities: South Liberty City, Vice City, North Liberty City Owner: Starfish Island Mansion, Malibu Club, Vice City Taxi Firm, Vice City Print Works (1988-1992) - Beach Mansion Gate, North Liberty Dock House (1992-2008). Known words: "This is the last dance for Lance Vance", "Fuck you". Language / Culture: Italian, American - Italian-American. Clothing: Hawaii shirt, Smoking "Families": Foreli Family - Vercetti Family Turf: St. Mark's - 75% of Vice City - North Liberty City Docks Interresser: City trip, work, conversations, money, leisure activities. Avis Favorited: Liberty City Tree. Favorite Food, etc. Pizza, Beer, Cocktail, delicacies. Animals: None. Ambition: More power, more luxury. Characteristics: Fresh, straight to the point, good stamina. History: Born and raised in St. Marks and outside the family, except his father and the league with the Mafia organization Foreli Family, did Tommy Vercetti respected at a young age. Him and his father earned money to print money, earned a little extra threat to print counterfeit money to The Forelis. In the age of 15 began Vercetti to help, he encountered often in people from Foreli family. Within a few years he was a permanent member of the family. The danger was disappointed, he hoped to Vercetii would take his footsteps. Vercetti slowly began to perform small jobs under the command of Sonny Foreli, which will soon take over his father's place and become the family Don. Vercetti performed small jobs as dangerous to steal, blackmail, violent acts and pick up / deliver things. Just the age of 18 had Vercetti witnessed much. He had not yet committed murder. When he reaches the age of 20 he gets a special task, he would be named "A Made Man". If he did it. The assignment was to assassinate Donen from a hostile family. He was located down by the harbor in Harwood. If he did it, he would perhaps in the future could be Don. Additionally, he would receive large sums of money, power and respect. When he arrives at the agreed place in one of the warehouses around the port becomes Vercetti deceived. Instead of meeting a man meeting his 10 henchmen. It is a big chaos, the police reported the greatest slaughter ever and witnesses had never heard so much bang. Vercetti had survived and murdered every one of the murder weapon "Glock 747. It sounded at 11 murdered men, innumerable patronhylstre and weapons. Vercetti was brought to court and found guilty of manslaughter. He was 15 years since The Forrellis had blackmailed judge. After 15 years, was released Vercetti, he was sent to Vice City by Sonny Forelli (the current Don), together with his lawyer Ken Rosenberg, and two henchmen Harvey & Lee. Forrellis plan was to earn good money "down south". At the agreed marketing plan which was to Vercetti and the other was receiving cocaine failed. 3 Hire killers shot handler, Harvery & Lee. Vercetti and Rosenberg started now hunting for the lost money. Sonny Forelli was being crazy and promised them that if money did not come back in the right hands, they would not live long. Vice city is famous for its kolosale marketing of cocaine. Vercetti will soon earned his own money and realizes he has never served so well. He is also in league with drug king Ricardo Diaz. Vercetti go, and hitman for Diaz, he meets Diaz's second husband Lance Vance. Vance seeks revenge against his big brother killed. Victor Vance was the man they had traded with, and who had been shot. They soon find out that it was Diaz who planned it all. A planned storm days Vercetti & Vance into Diaz's mansion, then find and kill Diaz. Then over the place and founder Vercetti "Vercetti family." Vercetti over various "fronts", a taxi company, eg. To get in a good light by the police for concealing the secret activities was happening behind. These companies are in Vercetti's payroll, they would not hunt beta, he fluctuated battet against. Fast was the payment on his list. The year was 1989 and beyond, Vercetti had many men under her and Sonny Forelli is furious. Vercetti meetings including the beautiful Mercedes who is stripper / prostitute. He is in love, their relationship is a bit of stand-by until they really come together. Vance begins now started to feel irreverent and dump half out of the family and then abandons him Vercettis location and all his activities to The Forelis. Sonny takes personally down to Vice City - Star Fish Island. Vercetti is unaware of this and have printed counterfeit money Forelli. While the conversation is in progress cheat Lance Vance, Vercetti and Forelli tells about the fake money. This results in a huge shot battle head Sonny Forelli and Lance Vance dies two and a myriad of Forelli gangsters and Vercetti. Tommy Vercetti ends Sonny & Lance's life. Not much is known about this story, besides it is told by some of Vercetti's men, as most of Vice City's police force was at Vercetti's payroll, so they were corrupt. Years later, Vercetti control over Vice City with a huge cocaine deals across the country. Rosenberg & Vercetti's cooperation ends at 92 Rosenberg will be instructed to explain some threads off over the "San Andreas". The order came from the current leading family in South Liberty City "The Leone, headed by Salvatore Leone. Vercetti is now with the Mercedes, Mercedes is a spirited woman who is abusive. As time goes Vercetti is also dependent. He feels that Forellis contacts, acquaintances and so close to him and want him removed. He therefore decides to go away. The trip goes to the North Liberty City. " Vercetti family settle at the "Beach Gate." Vercetti starts also be sailing a lot of packages to and from Liberty City. Vercetti is aging and living a quiet life in the beautiful villa district. He is so small t begun to check his abuse. Sometimes he switches located inside the city. Vercetti is not half as strong as in the past, which could make him an easy target. But his respect in the neighborhood made him a very pristine man. His Capo "Mario" can quickly get a message sent out. Vercetti's life begins to crumble, Mercedes is taking a huge abuse of cocaine, the rumor that Vercetti beat her. To Vercetti's birthday was 50år family at a luxurious tour of the air by Dave Miller. Vercetti's days were usually: Planning, telephone calls, city tour. Vercetti family stayed out of the fine company of the 5 families who had said good for Vercetti's full control and respect of the port, they were each 20%. Vercetti's thoughts of danger was out of his head, not even a thought strejfede he Forelli family. Children or grandchildren, he had not, he thought he could not guarantee his full love towards them. A day was now 55år old Tommy Vercetti into the city to Hove Beach and completing transactions. Mario was sick as 3 other body guards went by. They said he had a "bad trip" after yesterday's feast. Danny, Mike and Pete led Vercetti in Volvo and drove to Hove Beach. They stopped near an abandoned alley where the agreed meeting should be held. Vercetti and his men met the buyer. The buyer seemed stoned and distance. He said the money was upstairs. Danny took a bag of "sugar"-and gave the buyer the substance. While searching, they found the money. Vercetti tolerated no such hide, he felt he had been cheated. He placed his right fist middle of the buyer face, he fell to the ground where he stood and held his broken cartilage chunks. The two body guards pulled each a weapon forward Mike Vercetti handed over a gun. The man suddenly started to whisper that Vercetti was in great danger and there were people after him. Vercetti said it was no shit and the guys, after which he shot in the head buyer. With the money assured they drove to the nearest billakering. There was the "Joe" to color it. Joe was a guy in civilian Vercetti's payroll. As they drove off Vercetti ordered his men to stop. He took a couple of snuff cocaine, after he had been clean for over a half years. Vercetti was scared. They returned, Donny had Pete & Mike and should now put the Vercetti. Vercetti grew out and went on to back garden, the house lights were turned off. Donny sat in the car and fumlede but looked eager to Vercetti, now skimtede figure of Mario. It looked like he slept on a chair. Since Vercetti came to him he said: You have got way to much, Mario. Above the bush got 3 men with guns raised. "You know Sonny? Was asked. Vercetti showed he had finished, the 3 men shot alternately Vercetti who sank together, the blood flowed. It was a big mess when the police took him. Danny had given some information away and had a fortune from old acquaintances to Sonny Forelli. Tommy Vercetti was killed. Police also found the Mercedes & Mario shot sliced to death. Tommy Vercetti was buried along with other prehistoric mafiosi, he was placed in the center to show him the last honor. Vercetti was 55 years old. The police had also been on the track of him soon.
  14. Commiting suicide is the main thing for me, but there's loads of things to get into, and online its allways fun joining up for a some DM'ing
  15. Listening to Guns N' Roses - Better, atm.. Anyone else a fan of gnr in here? Anyone following there soon to be released chinese democracy?
  16. Yea its the same guy, and he also voices the guy at the printing works.
  17. I have a lot of games so I cant remember them all. So ill just write the one's that I play the most on each console/pc whatever.. PC MAFIA GTA:VC Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike Source Counter Strike Condition zero Day of defeat Quake 3 Hitman: Codename 47 And I got the medal of honor series- The Sims 2, whell I dont play it PS2 GTA:SA GTA:3 GTA:LCS GTA:VCS Max Payne 2 Madden NFL 04 Madden NFL 05 Madden NFL 06 Madden NFL 07 NBA Live 06 Fifa 04 Fifa 06 Metal Gear Solid 3 The Godfather Scarface The world is yours Hitman: Blood Money Some memorable one's on the PS1 Hugo Tomb Raider I think I've missed some but anyway I mostly just play PC, and on there I play GTA:VC or Counter Strike 1.6
  18. Allright since this seem's kind of dead ill start.. I had a random score yesterday on VCMP. Had like, 71 kills in about 1 hour of playing, and ofc I had some killing spree's.
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