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GTA Fiver PC Benchmark worth noting...

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GTA on all platforms, now...finally we can see Rockstar move away from spending all it's time on GTAOnline....



Well, not likely.! hahaha


I think it will be awhile with both consoles and PC supporting one iteration of GTA that a complete follow up is still some years off as of this posting.


I keep a landing page marked for Techspot since the daily news often already gets coverage on TV and cable, but as Techspot is concerned namely with computer technology, their chance to benchmark GTA on PC is worth taking a look at.


Pop on over to their website and you'll see the link, plain as day.


The benchmark should enlighten all those poor souls who've flooded RockstarGames' Newswire for days if not months now... Near endlessly. Asking if their hardware will cut the mustard. Benchmarking with hands on, final release should let you know what they've determined from an objective view point

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That, along with reports from users who managed to run GTA V on lower-end hardware as well as high-end portable devices like the Surface Pro 2. As a matter of fact you can sort-of play the game on an overclocked G3258 along with the graphics that came with it, though of course you'd be better off with a more suitable video card than that.

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