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Take Two 3rd Quarter Fiscal 2005 Financial Results

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Take Two have just this minute sent out a press release with their 3rd quarter fiscal results. There was no mention of Liberty City Stories in the PR, except that it will be released in the 4th quarter of this year which we already knew.

Later in the fourth quarter Rockstar is introducing an all new Grand Theft Auto title: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, for the PSP in North America and Europe.

Other GTA related updates in the press release came in the form of the Japanese release of San Andreas. The best selling videogame of all time will hit the shelves in stores all over Japan some time during the 3rd quarter.

Take-Two is updating its fiscal 2005 guidance primarily to reflect the movement of Bully for PlayStation 2 and Xbox out of the current fiscal year to provide additional development time for the title, the movement of the Japanese launch of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PlayStation 2 out of the current fiscal year...

UPDATE: After listening to the conference call, a couple more points arose which might be of general interest:

"Hot Coffee" cost Rockstar a huge $28.8 million, or rather, the media did.

San Andreas will be released as an M rated game once again, although with the patch applied to it - this will start next week.

Rockstar have 2 more games planned for the PSP, as of yet unknown titles.

Also, here's an interesting quote:

Take-Two's next fiscal year will see "extensions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise".

View the full press release.

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