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Where To Find Barbara and Katie?


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OK, as some people might already know, I am not allowed to play any GTA Games anymore, my parents had thrown away and uninstalled all of the GTA Games I have!!!

But I have managed to smuggle a Cracked Version of GTA San Andreas (DVD), and installed it at my friends house.

I have just finished the game with about 75% percentage of game completetion. Now I am looking for girlfriends and Oysters. Because I wanted a 100% completition (without any downloaded savegames!)...

I have already 'acquired' all the girlfriends except for Barbara and Katie, who I heard that when we date them, we will be able to keep our weapons after wasted or busted. I have searched everywhere but found nothing but crap.

Can anybody help me finding the two ladies? I'm sure YOU can! ^_^

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Here is a little something that will help: Girlfriend map

Katie is near the gym in San Fierro. You need a lot of musle and sex appeal. For sex appeal i advice a cool car, like the banshee at the gym. Barbara is at the police station in the town marked on the map. I can't remember the name. For Barbara you need a lot of fat and sex appeal. Ciao.

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I started dating katie and when you get killed, you spawn in front of her house with all the items you had and without any lost cash. I'm hoping to get 50% to unlock the hearse outside of her house.

And actually, you don't have to date girlfriends for 100%, but you need for unlocking everything in the game

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Sorry, i was dating katie anways...

Can someone tell me where to find barbara?

In El Quelbrados that is west of the airstrip. You will find Barbara in front of police station talking to some old lady. It says that you need at least 50% fat to get her number. I, however, got her number with about 20% fat and 30% sex appeal. Some glitch...

Besides, you have girlfriend map^^ ^^ ^^ :whistle:

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No, that's not a glitch. That's just how much you really need to date her. For the girls that like fat dudes all you need is a little fat. Like when it says you're getting bigger on the screen. Then you'll be able to date her. My favorite girl is Barbara cuz the place she likes to go are close except for when she wants to go dancing...then I have to take her all the way to San Fierro to go to the club and then drive back. I hate that drive....too long.

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