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  1. Choose your internet connection type. Mine is currently the ADSL with a LinkSys Wireless-G What's yours?
  2. C.O.D


    Could you be more specific about the problem? Help us, to help you!
  3. Geez man. And I thought I was good at SA Level 1773? That's sick! Amazing! BEAST!
  4. What would you do? Type your wild ideas here! As for me: I would take a Rhino tank and make a last stand Scarface style in the Vercetti Estate with my trusty Minigun, of course: with the song "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen playing out loud on the stereo. Get a few conscripts and tell them to run around like idiots and lure the zombies into the pool, where I will burn those sorry assed zombies along with my stupid henchmen!! HAHAHAHA!! LOL. And if that fails and the Mansion gets over run, I'd jump into Lance's Infernus and drive it all the way to the Airforce Base, pilot the Hunter and start killing those zombies with my .50 cal!!!
  5. C.O.D

    Help with sounds.

    Your game is an original right, as in, not bootlegged?
  6. C.O.D

    STupid neons

    It's a probelm with your settings/option in the game. I think it has something to do with color-bit(s).
  7. C.O.D

    direct x problem on startup

    Microsoft Flight Simulator use DX9.0C?
  8. C.O.D

    direct x problem on startup

    Does Microsoft Flight simulator use DX9C? I don't think so, dude but it may use DX9C. Does your DirectX version says 9.0 C? And not B?
  9. C.O.D

    direct x problem on startup

    No, using another hard-drive for installation is not the cause for this problem. Since most games today use DirextX 9.0 C, do you experience the same problem for other games?
  10. C.O.D

    Save directery

    It's in My Documents -> GTA San Andreas User Files
  11. C.O.D

    i want my old weapons!

    Well this is weird dude, really weird. If you didn't tweak anything, this shouldn't have happened. Is your game original from teh beginning?
  12. C.O.D

    i want my old weapons!

    Yeah, that's what I said, the MODELS of the WEAPONS are the SAME for BOTH games. Get it? No, well get with it. And any mods? Or anything you tick-tacked (modded/tweaked poorly)?
  13. C.O.D

    i want my old weapons!

    I think the models for both games are all the same, the only difference is sound, damage, and recoil effects. Seriously man, those are yhe only difference. Would you be a bit more specific?
  14. C.O.D

    User Files Don't Play

    Yup that should, but if you still have problems, be sure to have the most updated Windows Media Player, to either the 9th version or the 10th version with the complete codec package that comes with the official download from the official website of Microsoft.
  15. C.O.D

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    How could Sony do such thing? LOLlipop
  16. AHAHA LOL yeah man that was funny.
  17. C.O.D


    But what about the virus I found? I'm not that keen about computer ware thingies, but I know what a Trojan is.
  18. C.O.D

    Bombs Away! Misson help

    What might be easy for you might not be easy for others. One of the greatest TGTAP posts made this year LOL reading this topic reminds me of the good ole' days with Vice City.
  19. C.O.D


    Oh me too, I found a Trojan Horse (forgot which one) in the GTA Garage Editor, the damn thing (virus) made my printer out of action (can't print from the network). Shame really. I loved the GTA Garage Editor.
  20. C.O.D

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    But if we do get smarter everyday, we'd learn that things go cheaper by the months. Blu-Ray is a bit of an overkill though IMHO.
  21. C.O.D


    Derek is correct, you'll need your camera from CJ's house (the "The Johnson House"), to be precise it's right in the room in front of the "Wardrobe" - where you change your clothes. And if I remember it correctly, the Snapshot icons will only appear after 00:00. Which means midnight LOL
  22. C.O.D

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    Well if PS3 lost its GTAIV exclusiveness, there obviously is a chance that it might just slip its hands off of its MGS4 exclusiveness.
  23. C.O.D

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    FYI, every time someone buys a PS3, Sony loses $200, it's just a matter of time before going bankrupt. And some people say "let time tell PS3 games will come and save PS3's bum", how right can they be, right? I mean, good consoles are mainly and most importantly assessed through its Sale Rates. I mean, if PS3 is as good as the fans say, why is it selling like turd? If you ask me, since Wii shortage is everywhere, Sony should speak to themselves "WE SUCK" and start joining Nintendo, and help them produce Wii, that's better! LOL!! But that way competition won't be as fun PLUS: I just bought a Wii yesterday, my dad gave it to me as a surprise and I was surprised! BTW, Wii players, any good games for Wii? I'm playing Wii Sports, and it was a hell of a game. NEED MORE!
  24. C.O.D

    bad graphics glitches for PC

    Give us your specs, your VGA and your OS.