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This is a suggestion for the forums.

It would be a good idea to make ###### introduction topic, forum ( or whatever its called)

for people to introduce themselves in a formal manner, if they wish.

I;ve seen this in other forums and it works quite well, and gives the new member a way to introduce themselves in way so they feel more comfortable with the site.

like a new member could post a few times then, if they like the responses they get.

They could post a introduction of themselves.

for example "I like this site, long time listener, could'nt resist any longer so I decided to join.

something something. much thanks go to somebody for there great reply's.

I live here and and I work here something something. love the site.....

just an idea?

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You thank him? Why? He suggested an idea we already have. Okay so we don't have an entire forum dedicated to making topics about yourself, we have one topic in which new member introduce themselves. If people need to be gently ushered into forum life by everybody talking to them and agreeing with what they say, i don't think they'd cope with the real forums very well. Most people would make a quick introductory post (after which they'd be told not to post in size 7 red impact) and then into the general chat forums to talk about themselves.

The aim here is not to have as many posts as possible. We aren't here just to sit and chat about the weather. However there are loads of subforums here for talking about GTA, which incidentally is why people decided to join these forums in the first place, right?

Random chit-chat is acceptable, if you want to talk to someone about something other than just GTA games, but i would presume when people arrive they would want to talk about GTA rather than need a break from it already. Okay maybe they need an offtopic post to break the ice, which is why we confine it to one forum, and why new members can't make topics straightaway.

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Well I can say each person has his or her own opinions but here, let me say something...

This isn't original but it works especially if you invite them in the "welcome email" they receive when they register. Invite them to stop by and post a bit about themselves. Give them a few prompts in the description of the Introduction forum and/or in the registration email. Give them a reason to participate. A new member posting is an indication that your forum are open for other new members.

We gotta be sure and respond to those posts within a few hours. Letting those sit for days sends a message not only to this new member but to others who are contemplating their first post that you don't really care. Reply to their post and ask more questions. It doesn't take long and it worth the effort in creating a friendly beginning for a new member.

And remember one thing... You can always make friends with the help of the Introduction forum, believe that.

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But the need for an entire FORUM dedicated to welcome posts doesn't exist. Why do we need topic after topic after topic of, "HI! I'm new! lolololol! what is up!?lolololololo!!!", when we can have ONE topic with all of those posts in there, and we can address ALL of the new members at ONE time. Say we aren't on for a day or two and we have like, say, 6-7 new members. Now, with the intro forum, we now have 6-7 topics to reply in and say the exact same thing. With the topic, we are making ONE reply, in ONE topic, and STILL getting to all the new members. It's called efficiency.

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