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Chris or anyone i got a suggestion. You should make the deleting option to posts. If you post something useless and then you can change it but when you have nothing to say whatsoever then you could just delete it... Just a suggestion to improve this great place :)

Yeah, but you'd have to delete most of your posts if we did that. :lol:

I could've swore members were allowed to delete their own posts. It's better without that, though, because then they could delete their posts if they are in the wrong and be like, "I never said that!". Although, I do believe it would end up in the trash where all the staff could see it.

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I dont think we can see the "original" posts, but its trusting mods or good friends to tell the truth of what they saw.

Edit by Xenon so not to bump:

Members can edit their posts within a certain time limit of posting it. I'm not too sure if the delete button follows this rule, or if closed topics prevent users from editing. However, if you see a really offensive post, take a screenshot of it. That is vital evidence if an administrator needs to take further action. We take screenshots to prove our point. Oh and yes we CAN tell if screenshots are edited to implicate someone.

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