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download (5mb)

First, I'd like to appologise to Mr. MeTal for stealing soundtrack from his video "Tumult". Just the thing is that I didn't had anything else that would fit this 1:57 minutes video. This was filmed 11.3. (Saturday) and I wanted to film more on Sunday, but the damn snow has started to fall in the morning, and I was busy in the evening. Oh well, download and comment.

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I want to get into Parkour. I live in Orlando, though, and don't really have any good spots. What would you suggest?

You may not think you have good spots, but trust me theres a lot more to your area then you may think. You need to develop what is called a "parkour vision". You need to look at an object and not think "hey theres a rail next to a wall" you need to think "wow, theres a brilliant monkey to cat". You need to be aware of what exactly you can do with your environment and you will see its not as bad as you think. This is quite a nice guide to show you the basics. You just need to look at your area more closely, keep your parkour vision active, you will find something good. Try to find someone else in your area that does it, they will know the best places, if not, then just go out with your friends, they will see good spots if you miss them.

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