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can someone explane please.

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i hear all this talk about gta3.img version1 and version2.

what exactly do you guys mean?

i also read something about the GTA3.exe version1.

all i want to do is mod the GTA3.IMG file.

i'm using USBAdvanced to run my ps2 games off of a HHD.

do i need to replace the GTA3.IMG file with a version1 GTA3.IMG file?

and if so, GTA III should have the original GTA3.img file which should be Version1.

that thought came to me today but i will have to verify it later but here is the general idea.

delete all the file from the GTA III GTA3.IMG file then replace them with the ones from SAN ANDREAS.

would that work?

and one more question, the was a leaked version of san andreas for ps2 before the release date of 10/4/2004. does that version contain the version1 GTA3.IMG file?

I'm new so please bear with me.

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The only thing people mean by version 1 and 2 is this:

Version one has the sex code built into it

In Version 2 its been removed

Each GTA game has its own .IMG file that will only work in The game it belongs in if you styart trying to switch them the game will either

1) Not load...

2) Not work properly

3) Freeze up

But the 1) is what will most likely happen

Try if you want to but don't say you wern't warned

Thats all there is too this...its very simple..there is nothing hidden or anything to figure out

take what I said at face value it means what it says..

There is nothing further to explain about this

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