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I prefer the wait over a rushed game, myself. We still have LCS for PS2 and VCS to keep us slightly busy until then, so hang the eff on, people.

Anyways, I'm WAAAAY looking forward to a whole new game. I also don't care in the slightest that it will be released at the same time for both consoles. I'm getting it for PS3 either way, because those are the controls I like to use.

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Time for a new game? Definitely.

Lauch date too far away? Nah, I agree very much with Spaz, we still have upcoming GTA games to keep us entertained

It's stated that the game will be released on PS3 and Xbox360 simultaneously, does this mean that the disc space will follow the limit of the Xbox's dual layered DVD? That's only around 9.4GB. And the PS3's Blu-Ray fits up to 50GB.

Anyways, I've never anticipated a video game this much. Can't wait...

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