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Help, no audio for GTA Vice City (PC)

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I installed Vice City on my PC from a Zip file. In the root folder there is a batch file named TecAudio. I'm assuming that this is for configuring the sound for the game. When I open the TecAudio file the following command lines appear in the ms-dos type window: 'l' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. This line repeats many times. Next is Could Not Find C:\My Downloads\Grand Theft Auto\Audio\(name of file).mp3. It runs through all the files that are in the audio folder; but says that they cannot be found. I converted them to mp3 format, but they are still not recognized when I run the TecAudio batch file. The last set of repeating lines that the ms-dos type window displays is:

<input> Wave format

<output> Wave format

pass1: skip



The readme file is in French and does not help me one bit.

If anyone knows how to get the sound working for gameplay please let me know.


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to hear the sound u need to have a cd or the files of real gta vice city from a real cd or u can also use a crack file too. I have the problem when i turn on the sound i hear shoooooooooooooooo my friend he downloaded a crack file and added it into gta vice city folder and his sound works but that made his game slow.

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