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Mixing Your Own Music

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This is a simple guide to mix your own music. I have provided some useful links:

Acoustica Mixcraft - http://acoustica.com

Purpose - Mixes songs, it has a limited use of a few days but just keep reinstalling the program. That's what I do.

SampleNet - http://samplenet.co.uk

Purpose - Good place for finding samples.

This should get you off to a good start. If anyone wants to see my two remixes of the rap song Damn just tell me and I will give you a link where you can download it from.

Enjoy Mixing.

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Very cool downloading right now , the mixcraft . lol reinstall ? Just find something like cdkey :D

Edited : Yay i got a cdkey generator , if you guys wanna be a registered guy on Mixcraft (just mixcraft) , tell me your email here and i'll reply back with your serial key :D

Oh and the sample net , it isn't working for me maybe at the moment .

Edited by smartboy4

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Thanks, that will be useful.

Yes, when I first got this I just slapped something together. With a little practice (and some samples always help like clapping, etc.) I have became decent at it.

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