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CD Error

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So, before I lent my CD to a friend of mine I made a personal copy because my friend is the kind of lamer who loses stuff like this. I didn't give him an install disk, I just walked over to his house and grabbed it after he installed it, so it wouldn't get lost.

'Lo and behold he lost the play CD. When he asked for a new one I definitely said no.

However, I cleared my C: and reinstalled XP just recently, and now my personal play disk isn't working. It doesn't seem to register that it's there. I seem to recall there I have to rename the config file or something, but I cannot recall which I have to do that with.

Does anyone remember how to fix this, so that I can play my GTA 3? Right now the game seems to just not realize that the play CD -is- in the CD-ROM drive.

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So you're saying you have a copied play disk, and GTA3 won't play it?

That's because GTA3 refuses to play copied disks, because they're usually illegal. The only way you can play it is with a legitimate disk or by modifying the game (illegally) to play copied disks.

Also, you aren't supposed to give your games out, your friend should buy his own if he wants it. Or has he not really lost the disk, and you're just finding out how both of you can play the game?

Sorry, but I've heard too many people ask how to use copied disks for illegal purposes. If you don't own the game, buy it. If your friend doesn't own the game, he should buy it.

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