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  1. wats ur bets feature in tehr eand post a pic of it
  2. lewissmiffy

    which mta server do you use

    The free roam 1 i forgot the hole name lol but its a clan server
  3. lewissmiffy

    Vc-mp help

    No need i got it working close thread please
  4. lewissmiffy

    My work so far

    hope ur mod goes well lol
  5. lewissmiffy

    Very good Nikko Bellic mod

    http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...ad&id=14110 nicko for vice city have fun
  6. lewissmiffy

    GTA SA for PSP (If)

    Its a good idea u never no but most likly they will make a san andreas stories lol
  7. lewissmiffy


    Its the easyest thing to install ever and u dont no how to do it ooooooooooooooooo wait have u downgraded ?
  8. lewissmiffy

    How can i find online server on mta

    Im on the newest 1
  9. The title says it all please help
  10. lewissmiffy

    How can i find online server on mta

  11. lewissmiffy

    How can i find online server on mta

  12. lewissmiffy

    gta3 starting to lag?

    When u run ur game turn off msn and programes that dont need to be running all u need to be running is ur anti virus
  13. lewissmiffy

    gta3 starting to lag?

    How scratched is ur disk ?
  14. lewissmiffy

    Where should the next GTA be based?

    Birmingham in england my town
  15. lewissmiffy

    How can i find online server on mta

    Any 1 wanna help ?
  16. lewissmiffy

    Tank glitch warning

    Lol ur talking !h!t ive done loads cuz i was gonna see if i could make a big bomb wid em and mine didnt crash and when i reloaded it still worked
  17. lewissmiffy

    How Do you fly the plan!?

    Off topic: if u want to go to ghost town take away the invisble wall via moo maper or just make a bridge Ontopic: I couldnt fly a plane either untill i seen this thread go this thread
  18. lewissmiffy

    How do you do a drive by in the PC version?

    Its e and q kep to look left and right
  19. lewissmiffy

    Vehicle Database

    Nice list mate here have a cookie -gives a cookie and milk- XD
  20. lewissmiffy

    Next Island

    Download a 100% 1 so u can av all of em and then if u want u can keep ur old savegame for doing missions
  21. lewissmiffy

    Help With itsallgoingmaad cheat

    Most cheats dont go off when u save the game when ur on a site lookin at em make sure u look incase tehre is writing saying cannot turn off
  22. lewissmiffy

    How I can convert GTA:VC files to the GTA3 with mod installer

    The thing is the mod installer didnt work for me its messed up
  23. lewissmiffy

    how to go online?

    Jake will u help me plz cuz its reli anoying me and i dont feel like losing all ma mods again
  24. lewissmiffy

    What do you like on VCS?

    Its a good game i like everythink but the graphics they could of made them better then released it on pc so u can mod it and have a real multiplayer not like the 1 on the psp
  25. lewissmiffy

    Revelation, My New Vice city Solo. :)

    You got skills mate keep it up