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Play for 10mins & Computer Turns Off? Help


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Just got the game today, install alright and was playing for about 10-20 mins when my computer turned off. I tryed again several times, including when I turned all the settings down! I just dont understand it, this is like a three year old game. I can run Quake four on medium settings and Half Life 2 on full settings at 1440x900, but this game is overheating my laptop and causing it to shut off???? Why???

I'm pretty sure its the CPU, I have check in the task manger and its running at 100% even when minimised? Is there anything I can do this is really anoying me, why should it be doing this. Here are my specs:

1.73 Pentium Centrino

512 DDR Ram

256 ATI Mobility Radeon X600

1400x900 display

Windows XP - Server Pack 2

Direct X9 (latests Build)

Also there is a problem with the sound, not in the cut scenes but during gameplay. All the people seems to sound as if they are in a hall way??? Any help would be much apreciated!

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CPUs are always doing stuff, even when everything is minimised.

It's "Service Pack 2" not "server pack 2"

If your CPU overheats, your PC will shut down. Most laptops have that built in safety feature to stop it catching fire. If that is the problem (and its not just a dead battery or anything) make sure you haven't turned any fans off or turned the maximum operating temperature down.

If you've played about in BIOS recently, go back in and either undo what you did or set to defaults.

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