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    Favourite mission

    The best mission is ( THE JOB)
  2. ive been around lately, and i always see the girls putting up with the bad guys types. Guys who beat woman, disrespect them, always put themselves first and ect. At the end of the day, the nice guys are always left out. The bad guy gets the girl at the end. Why is this always happening. You trying to tell me at the age of 30, they want me too take care of their previous boy friend kids? %&*$ that man.
  3. I had experinced when i was in younger in school. I used to get picked on cuz of race and such. It made me more Stronger and a better fighter. Bullies only attack in groups since they can't fight 1 on 1.
  4. ThePunisher

    Funny GIF and pics thread...

    LMAO!!! Look at this one!
  5. ThePunisher

    Why do girls always go after bad guys and the Jerks

    Will do! Ok im gonna be more bad ass. thxs.
  6. ThePunisher

    Why do girls always go after bad guys and the Jerks

    so your saying i should take S*** no matter what.
  7. i think its Eminem and Nas.
  8. ThePunisher

    Lockerz (invite)

    if you notice i said im not foricing anybody to join since ur talking everybody else.
  9. ThePunisher

    Lockerz (invite)

    lockerz is a website where u can get points by winning items. If you want an invite plz message me through the message box in thegtaplace website. Not forcing you into joining i just need some support.
  10. ThePunisher

    Whos the best rapper alive?

    royce da 5'9' is a sick rapper from Detroit.
  11. srry i know i havent been on in ages!

  12. ThePunisher

    Whos the best rapper alive?

    Kanye West is a little bitch. He's also entirely too egotistical. Snoop, however, is fucking awesome. And for once, a decent actor, too. I don't follow all the hip-hop scene, so I don't even usually bother with those people. However, I absolutely love the rap-rock hybrids. I think The Flobots put together a genius blend of the two. I also like Mike Shinoda, in both Linkin Park and Fort Minor. I will say one thing about Ludicris, he's fucking catchy. I love his verse in Holiday Inn. OH yeah, I'm also a Peabody, for the record. ANNNND I forgot to mention, this is in the wrong section. Moved. Kanye west is another shitty rapper killing hip hop. and he sucks. Method man can murder him on a track. ya mike shinoa is cool but hes so unrated.
  13. ThePunisher

    Whos the best rapper alive?

    Same here people say jay-z is the best but i just dont see that in him at all.
  14. ThePunisher

    Eminem - Relapse

    Check out a song called The warning dissin Marah Carey! Its crazy!!
  15. ThePunisher

    name of the rap song

    i think its by Lil mama the female rapper.
  16. ThePunisher

    My Idea For The Next GTA

    Ya they should make it based in Detroit or Chicago!
  17. I would try and use xfire or Fraps.
  18. ThePunisher

    How can I open all areas?

    Complete much missions as possible.
  19. ThePunisher

    a way to kill the don

    I first killed all of his body guards with a shotgun jumping and shooting. Then did some slow moation shooting and i head shot him with my sniper at close range.
  20. thxs for the b day request man!

  21. The best town in SA is downtown Los Santos.
  22. I think tommy would win in a shootout.
  23. He has a werid way of talking.
  24. ThePunisher

    GTA Vice City sound issues

    You've might of gotten a low sound card setting.