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Highly Flammable


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:whistle:.....Oh yeah.

Hey All , my new vid's out :erm:


Better stunts :blink:

Still no grinds (Definatly next vid)

My own = Blue Devil ( Pcj600 Txd Edit )

Serj's Bmw 760il (hyper tuned :evil: )

An optional music vid at the end , (full vid edition not released on youtube)

Feedback if you wish :mellow:

:whistle: Oh yeah ( i feel like ive bin here before)

The Link :

And before you flame me to death and back after watching the vid...

Lithjoe's garage editor (used to make the BMW Proof of all - explosion , dent , bullet , ??? -)

Was only used for the Bmw.

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I'm pretty sure you can render a twice smaller file. I've managed to render a 6 minute video (640x480, MPEG-2) sized 70 megs. Plus use WinRAR to reduce the filesize by a few additional megs...

Winrar reduced my 139Mb vedio to only 134Mbs :D

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you must have a big vid........ try creating a zip file and adding it , then uploading to tga or have you done that ?

Well The prob is that i hardly have time after school.And i have regs both on TGA and YouTube but TGA shows that 31 hrs of uploading.And YouTube doent accept more than 100Mb.

So i think i might have to take some time and upload on TGA.And then cut some credit part and then put on YouTube.

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that vid suckt. Everything was modded. Really get a clean handling and make stunts...
To jace - i am.

To striker - Your vid was a mear rip-off of the latest vid by urban legend & co.

now that doesn't make sence. what r u?

look a tthe tpic without a fight!


I liked that vid. Nice editing to. What program did you use?

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