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  1. striker2511

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    really starting riots would be cool like you do somthing huge fight riot police come on mounted horses and shepards throw tear gas and such and you can loot in a major car chase if it gets to bad the cops call it off holding hostages when you rob stores swat team infiltration a seat belt thing like when you first finish the hotwire you should be able to press a button while in park to buckle up it wastes time in case of getting away from cops but if you crash without seatbelt you can fly out of windsheild or suffer more damage. feul leakage realistic fires pigeons!!! ability to sit on bench and such hold less amount of weapons like one semi one automatic or special and two pistols so you can see them strapped to his back smahing a window to get in a car is loud and tracks atention so perhaps you can get a clothes hanger and try to pick a lock which more time consuming and challenging is quieter and more descrete.
  2. striker2511

    [SA] Do The Goon

    7/10 nice job
  3. striker2511

    Need a editor?

    wanna show us any work of yours?
  4. striker2511

    Need a editor?

    omg stuntx nobodys gonnas teal your skin..
  5. striker2511

    New Project

    he tries uploadign to thgtaplace DONT!!!! upload to sendspace.com then take the download link andgive it to him!
  6. striker2511

    most anticipated firmware yet out now!

    YES CORRECT FIRMWARE VERSION 3.00 IS OUT NOW!!!!!! Firmware 3.00 is out now and it has these fetures: PLAYSTATION Network titles are now supported under [Game]. [Remote Play] has been added as a feature under [Network]. [Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature under [Network]. Timed recording has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel]. A visual player has been added as a feature under [Music]. 3-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature under [Music]. [Camera] has been added as a feature under [Photo]. [uMD Auto-Start] has been added as a feature in [system Settings] under [settings]. U can only upgrade though Network Update are u guna upgrade? heres some speciqal features more in detail. For today! We just got word from badrix that the Playstation Portable 3.00 Firmware Manual has been posted up on Sony's site. The manual details some of the mundane details for your typical firmware update, however there are a few hot topics in there which demand attention. I'll tell you right off that there was no information in their updated manual regarding the PSP supporting homebrew with firmware 3.00, and this was a rather large disappointment. On the other hand, the few additions that were made were helpful, one might even say overdue, but these added pleasures were still bitter sweet. Remote Play - Remote play is a new feature in Firmware 3.00 that allows you to remotely control your PlayStation 3 from your PSP. This also includes the display of PS3 content on the PSP. "You can display a PLAYSTATION®3 system screen on a PSP™ system and play content that is on the PS3™ system. To use this feature, you must adjust the necessary settings on the PSP™ system and the PS3™ system." Using this new mode of playback, one can control the Photo, Music, Video, and Internet Browser features of the PlayStation 3 from a remote location via their Playstation Portable. Video Compatibility - In this updated version of the Playstation Portable firmware, you are also able to play a few new video formats. The Motion JPEG format (M-JPEG), is an "informal name for multimedia formats where each video frame or interlaced field of a digital video sequence is separately compressed as a JPEG image" (Wikipedia). The PlayStation Portable plays both the Linear PCM and the μ-Law versions of the Motion JPEG video format. In addition, you will now be able to access the Camera (functionality) from the photo option menus, for quicker easier access when taking photos or video. Another nifty function is the ability to finally turn off Auto Play for inserted UMD Discs via UMD Auto Boot. (Thanks zerojay) PlayStation Games - Here's the big tip you've been waiting for. Finally, Sony is going to drop their highly anticipated PlayStation One emulator onto the PSP. From the manual however, there seems to be a unavoidable catch. If you don't have a PS3, your not going to be enjoying PlayStation One games emulating on Sony's PlayStation One emulator for PSP anytime soon. From the manual it states that you must connect to the Playstation Online store with your PSP connected to the PlayStation 3 in order to download and play the games. In addition, they mention that you can in fact share the games, but you must activate the other system in the Friends menu as a PS3 Network Account. Now to top it all off right before posting this, I came across a tip submitted by Jordan. Which led me to a post made by 0okm and from the looks of things, it would appear the PlayStation Portable 3.00 Firmware will be out soon - as soon as Today! just a few days, on November 22 to be exact, according to Sony Asia's Managing Director Tetsuhiko Yasuda. Remember, Sony didn't mention anything about homebrew this time around either, so make sure you are aware that the current methods for playing unofficial games will probably not work. No matter the consequences it would appear that if your looking to get into some PlayStation One gaming on the PSP, for now, you know what you gotta do... Update: Just got wind that PSP 3.00 Firmware is out now! We have obtained the file and are uploading it as you read. If you were thinking about updating, check your network settings, reports have come in it is up and ready via network update as well. With the Japanese 3.00 firmware update finally out on the net, we can only assume it will appear in stores on the shelf very soon as well. and PLEASE GO HERE TO UPGRADE!!! http://www.pspfanboy.com/2006/11/20/firmwa...network-update/ and scroll down to download here! the wifi now has version 3.01 that is only a security patch. whenever there is only a .01 or a .02 IT IS A SECURITY PATCH!!! meanign homebrew may be available to 3.00!
  7. striker2511

    How do you make videos

    no i just rushed ntot really new... on gtastutnign i have 403 post..
  8. striker2511

    My first stunt video

    3/10 even fro a first vid the stutns were horrible editing was terrible quality was terrible... and the watermark.. use vesion 1.9d of fraps..
  9. striker2511

    How do you make videos

    so oyu dotn waste records on fails u can see it multiple times and save before recording and control the camera.. so use secodn method
  10. striker2511


    Here is what you will need before you can start stunting: We suggest using Stunters main.scm (Created by Dannye) as all the features can be accessed using shortcuts and it generally makes stunting a lot easier. It has built in teleport, jetpack, vehicle spawner and a lot more. LC Stunters' Main VC Stunters' Main LC mod Beta 1 is a map conversion for Vice City. It pretty much gives you Liberty City with the VC engine, motorbikes etc. When installing, be sure to make a secondary copy of VC because LC mod writes itself over VC. Also use the VC handling.cfg file, since there is something wrong with the LC one. LC TOTAL CONVERSION(A mod that makes Vice City turn into Liberty City) Now a lot of stunts you find in VC or LC will probably be old, this is why you need to download as many videos as you can, especially videos from people in the major crews. This is so you don't end up having a stunt video full of old stunts. How to save/view replays Once you have landed stunt, gotten close or even just did something you want to show a friend. Press F2 to save the replay. Then if you want to view the replay press F3. Now go out of VC and look in "My documents’ for a folder called ‘Vice City user files" In there will be a file called replay.rep, just copy and paste that into a place of your desire and call it something like "VC - Bsm1.rep" Getting down to Business Once you have everything installed and are now ready to stunt, you might wanna familiarize yourself with as many stunt methods as possible. Bumps bump tut - YouTube (This stunting tutorial shows you the ins and out of how to perform natural bumps, double bumps, drop bumps, vehicle bumps and packer bumps) Bike Stuck Method (BSM) bsm tut - TGA Link By Aries (This shows the basics of BSM's, Back BSM's and Side BSM's. I changed skin half way through, sorry about the rubbish editing, the next will be better) Packer Stuck Method psm tut (Shows how to set up PSMs, and hit PSMs) I suggest you pause the video if you need to, for you slow readers. Wallrides wallride tut - TGA By Aries (How to wallride, and Packer 2 Wallride, no BSM 2 wallrides.....) Taxi/Cabbie Boosting boost tutTutorial By Nitzkit (Shows how to perform high and far taxi and cab boosts on buildings) i take no credit for this it was all done by nitzkit and aries and kingjad over on GTAstunting.com/forums.
  11. striker2511

    Highly Flammable

    look a tthe tpic without a fight! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZjty5Lu2cs
  12. striker2511

    without a fight

  13. striker2511

    Highly Flammable

    vid was modded woohoo!!! that vid suuckked [email protected]
  14. striker2511

    Bumping N Grinding

    i beleive rims n brqake disc are pcj600bit64 or somthing and nitzkit is the best vice city stunter ever possibly so dotn even TRY going and doing that tuff yet couse ur not gonna! and you can use SPOOSH or DAnnyes ultimate main.scm both found at gtastutning.com for pcj spawner
  15. striker2511

    (VC) StuntX Debut

    that was useless spam..