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IGN and Gamesradar VCS Multiplayer Previews

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Two top gaming sites have posted previews of Vice City Stories' mutliplayer modes today. Gamesradar were the first with the new info, however, they seem to have pulled their article for some reason. The other site to post, IGN, still have theirs up though. There are a few new screenshots and lots of new info regarding the multiplayer aspect of VCS, details of which are listed below.

  • There are a total of 10 multiplayer modes
  • Like Liberty City Stories, VCS is still only playable in Ad-Hoc mode. No infrastructure mode is available for proper online play.
  • Improvements have been made to the "Survivor" deathmatch mode from Liberty City Stories, there will now be AI controlled vehicles and pedestrians on the streets in addition to the human players
  • The new Might of the Hunter mode is similar to "Tanks for the Memories" from Liberty City Stories, but this time teams must shoot down the Hunter.
  • Tanks for the Memories and indeed all the other modes from Liberty City Stories make a reappearance in VCS.


IGN Preview

IGN Screenshots

Gamesradar Preview (currently not online)

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Well am lucky to have a PSP, I can't wait for the new multiplayer minigames....

I am feeling jelous.

No.. :erm:

ok But they are Damn costly here.And games(for PSP) arent easily available.

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Lol when I used to live in Kazakstan, my parents would ALWAYS buy me pirated games for my PS1. No problem with that. :P

Anway back on topic, multiplayer news is great can't wait to play it, the only problem is having to find people with VCS to play with them.

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