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i want to add my own custom soundtracks to the game. i have downloaded the rockstar custom soundtracks software but the button can't be pressed and what i was wondering is that is there anything that i have to do or is the software not compatible with gta vice city stories

Just follow this link, my friend, 'the GTA helper' not really being that helpful, is he?


A great TUT by fleesh to get you on your merry way!

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I have a problem!

I cant find any of mine gang members in whole gta vcs . There aren`t any of them in front of businesses or in their cars.

Do you have to complete all missions or what is it ?

Ihave done all missions to the :High Wire , and few more after that and i am in east island.

Platform : PSP


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In order to have gang members spawning, you have to own an Empire site, otherwise, your gangmembers won't spawn. Also, you have to first complete the mission "To Victor, The Spoils", because that is when Empire Sites and your gang becomes unlocked. Also, limit the amount of cheats and mods you use. Overuse of mods and cheats will mess up your game really badly.

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