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I recently brought a copy of GTA;San Andreas for the PC, but when I am playing the game these horrible textures appear everywhere, the version for San Andreas is version 2.00, I swapped it for another copy but the same thing happens. Is it my computer (I have Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2500+) or is there a serious glitch that will strain a mark on Rockstar. I added an attachment of what I mean.



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Hey 'SpwngeBob'

Dont worry

It's certainly not ROCK* 's glitch

It's a G' CARD bug.

I suggest u 2 check out the following things

1 Make sure u've set the options - display setting to 32 BIT not to 16 Bit,

b4 starting game.If ya change the setting while gaming from 32 to 16 Bit

thn ya'll might get the graphics corruption.( i've experienced although

i've nVIDIA G card)

2 Ya 've onboard G'card which is not worth for playin' G like SanAndreas

I suggest u 2 spend some bucks & purchase new nVIDIA G'card and then


By C ya :thumbsup:

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