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  1. IlanF

    favorite weapon

    minigun + inf ammo
  2. IlanF

    favorite weapon

    sawnoff, d.eagle
  3. IlanF

    I need help..

    or you can use a trainer that stops the mission timer and finish all the flying school missions with 100% (like i did )
  4. IlanF

    Texturing tattoos

    you can see the tattoo in the alpha channel. export it as TGA, open it in photoshop (or other image editor) and select alpha channel.
  5. IlanF

    HELP PLEASE ! ! ! !

    maybe you have the v2 of the game
  6. i tried few times... i like crashing it on a group of people
  7. IlanF

    Slow Graphics

    when i just bought my comp the higher the quality was the faster the game was... weird right? now i play on low quality and i have some framerate problems... the shadows changed for me, i didn't see anything else change
  8. IlanF


    try to update the video drivers. my friend had this prob too, he updated the driver and it works fine now.
  9. IlanF

    Saved replays

    the replay is saved in My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files as replay.rep
  10. IlanF


    check if there is something checked or written in 'filter' delete what is written in 'mode' and 'map'
  11. IlanF

    Most Boring Part of San Andreas

    for me the most boring part was to finish the game. that red county is boring place... i hate it...
  12. IlanF

    what do you think?

    i want it for PC with better graphics, faster loading times and more missions
  13. IlanF

    Need Help

    you need to do them
  14. IlanF


    you can get downgrader to downgrade your v2.0 to v1.0 you can find one in slayers sig
  15. IlanF


    save games located in my documents/gtasa user files if you replace the main.scm you don't lose you save but in some mods you can't play you saved game i don't know why trainers don't work for you but i recommend MegaTrainer XL (it's a trainer not only for SA)
  16. IlanF

    really annoying bug! game crashes!

    i think i had this problem i used car spawner and the game crashed when i was on the BMX
  17. IlanF

    Bunny Hop

    ill try later super bunny hop sounds cool
  18. IlanF

    Bunny Hop

    sounds cool what buttons i need to press? (im using the default settings)
  19. IlanF

    Bunny Hop

    as i remmember you can bunny hop with the num0 button as i remmember you can bunny hop with the 0 button
  20. IlanF

    plz help me plz plz

    i have V1, i don't need even to downgrade i had lots of mods until i have been kicked from multiplayer games and found out that it is because the mods... then i deleted them all and that stupid mod because of it i had to reinstall the game
  21. IlanF

    plz help me plz plz

    Don't reinstall. Just backup your gta3.img before you start any modding. i installed the mod with sami and when i tried to remove the mod i couldn't play the game (sa crashed when i tired to play) and i lost the CD with the backup (i always burn backups on CDs ) so the only thing i could do is reinstall
  22. IlanF

    plz help me plz plz