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Gamespot - A Drive Through The Country

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Gamespot are also fucusing on the countryside in their previews, however they also have a video preview with Greg Kasavin talking about it (no actual footage though), it has a very big filesize so broadband only, it's 6m 31s long and the High Res version is 167.8 MB - Low Res is 76.9 MB

Some new details:

- There is a bulldozer that features rear-wheel steering, has a fully operational front plow (using analog stick)

- The monster truck has four wheel steering

- New weapons including a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and a shovel plus fire extinguisher

- downhill racing for the BMX

- Wayfarer is the bike in the countryside

- The Banshee look alot like the one from GTA3

- a cropduster is present

Links: A Drive Through The Country, Screenshots and Video Preview

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