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Sniper Rifle in stauton island..............

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Have a look around the area. There may be a point at which you need to jump from on a bike. It could be a bit like one of the hidden packages on the gas station near the car salesman in portland. Very tricky to get up there.

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Ever wonder how to get this sniper?...well i know and so will you... (click on the attatchment if possible) :lolbounce:


1st. Go to the blown up opera place...


2nd Go inside.


3rd. If you have a bike jump the dirt mound in the inside of the opera place.


4th. When you reach the other side you should see another low crack in the other building.


5th. Put your bike near it and jump over the crack or do it as a bike ramp.


6th. Voalla now you have the sniper :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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