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hot coffee help


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Ok, so I heard about this mod so I thought I'ld check it out and see what it's all about. I replaced the main.scm and script.img with the ones in the mod. I then started a new game and dated one of the girls. I followed everything that I'm told to do in the readme.txt file but when I took her on a date and then went in for coffee I get a black screen and the game freezes up. I even reinstalled and tried it again but no dice. Anyone got any ideas? Or just tell me what this mod is about?

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I won't tell again that all people who use hot coffe need a life because I've already told this many times, and I believe all of us have tried it to see what's it all about, that big crap R* got into.

You've probably got v2. Downgrade it (link in my sig) and try again. This is because v2 doesn't allow any mods.

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