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unique jumps


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I have had VC for about 2 yrs now, and have restarted 3 times because of cheat problems (not able to get 100%). Anyway, now I have completed everything but one unique jump.

How do you know if you completed it?

When I complete a jump I know i passed, it

registers as an insane stunt.

Does this happen for any unique jump that you

have already passed?

If not, how do I tell?

i went by a guide to show each jump, and probably forgot about

ones i skipped and didn't pass. i DO NOT want to start over again

please respond on how to tackle this problem.

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i remember hearing and seeing in the guide (multiple guides from various sites)

that you only have to land in a certain spot (i.e. the grass past the sidewalk)

sometimes i land in the spot where it says and registers as an insane stunt,

but not as a unique jump. Maybe i already passed it and didn't know it. oh well,

i'll keep trying.

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