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unique jumps

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I have had VC for about 2 yrs now, and have restarted 3 times because of cheat problems (not able to get 100%). Anyway, now I have completed everything but one unique jump.

How do you know if you completed it?

When I complete a jump I know i passed, it

registers as an insane stunt.

Does this happen for any unique jump that you

have already passed?

If not, how do I tell?

i went by a guide to show each jump, and probably forgot about

ones i skipped and didn't pass. i DO NOT want to start over again

please respond on how to tackle this problem.

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i remember hearing and seeing in the guide (multiple guides from various sites)

that you only have to land in a certain spot (i.e. the grass past the sidewalk)

sometimes i land in the spot where it says and registers as an insane stunt,

but not as a unique jump. Maybe i already passed it and didn't know it. oh well,

i'll keep trying.

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If you have completed a Unique Stunt Jump for the first time, there will be a message that appears on your screen that says that you have completed the Unique Stunt Jump and it will also state your reward. If you do it again, it will be registered as an Insane Stunt Jump.

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