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About TheGTAPlace.com

The GTA Place (or TGTAP) is a Grand Theft Auto fansite dedicated to the video game series from Rockstar Games and Take 2 Interactive Software. TGTAP was founded in November 2002 by Chris Phillips, and has since grown into one of the largest GTA communities on the Internet. The website provides the community with news, screenshots, media and all other information on all games in the GTA series. The website's reach extends to over a quarter of a million unique visitors every month, with over 7 million pages viewed in total each month. A detailed history can be found on our site history page.

What runs TGTAP

We are often asked what CMS is used to power The GTA Place. It is in fact completely custom written by Chris, this includes all scripts such as the polls, picture of the day, and affiliates.

Our download database was, up until September 2007, powered by paFileDB. It was replaced with a custom made script written and implemented by Chris, due to massive insecurities with paFileDB, and the fact it lacked much needed community features such as user uploading and managing of files.

Our forums are powered by Invision Power Board by IPS, Inc. News is posted in a dedicated sub-forum for each game and is displayed on the main website using a custom made script.
SEO work has been completed by Chris on TGTAP's news, and also partly on it's download database.

About the founder

Chris was born and raised in Gloucestershire, England. He has been involved in the GTA community ever since GTA3 came out for the PlayStation 2 back in 2001. He is a web developer, and you can find links to his portfolio as well as other sites he owns or operates on his personal website, ChrisJP.com.

Some of our affiliates:

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