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    lol steam such a whinger u dont get facebook cos u dont have it. besides its the best way to get pics of girls you like without even asking
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    Why don't u try it urself? I've tried n it I true, but u have 2 fly around 30 minutes (real time) N then u can take the SF rifas, russians, n even triads n da nang boys turf! Good luck bro
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    You already showed your views on God dozens of times, on Christianity, we understood, but you keep bashing Him and insulting Him for "your fun" because you know you will piss people of by doing this. If we read the Bible, we would not get any references to God as being a "cunt", trust me. It is only your interpretation, that will change in future. For some people, people that don't interfere too much with the actual world full of hating, Religion is a way to love, to feel good, to feel protected. But, every religion on this Earth has their own fanatics, people that interpreted very wrong his Religion words and do atrocious things in the name of their interpretation not Religion. Very hard to explain a phenomena using a very small amount of English words. I respect everyone's religion choice, but when they are starting to make fun deliberately of something that I truly believe, well, I cannot let it pass, as I do with other things.
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    hahah nice lol. that's a story for parents "get off the computer it's not like its making you money" orly? might as well stay on topic. sorry but i dont put any embarassing photos on facebook since i dun take a lot, this is the closest one to being funny.
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    I don't think that you thought a lot before you did the post. How can people that use those be low-life? A lot of my friends use it and they don't have no problem in communicating in real life or so. Its always good if you want to meet someone new and/or keep in touch with other people, friends...
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    What part of slim, didn't you get? I lol'd. Well this is good because now hopefully they'll be more people from TGTAP on a PS3! Edit: The 60GB PS3 weighs about 5.1Kg's and on average a brick weighs about 2.7Kg a piece. So the PS3 is actually just under the weight of 2 bricks. Now, because the PS3 Slim is 36% lighter, if we do the math... the new PS3 slim weighs about 3.2Kg. I have compiled these results into a table to make it easier to find the result you are looking for. Weight of BrickWeight of old PS3Weight of Slim PS3 2.7Kg5.1Kg3.2Kg I guess Husky won't be buying it.
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    I'd not slept for 41 hours, so I bailed out at about 2.30 ish. Thank fuck I wasn't still up at 4.30 though. Edit: lol at some of the stuff generated by the new topics sidebar thingy. 'Lockerbie bomber released by thomas'
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    What part of slim, didn't you get?
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    exactly what i thought. nothing new + improved compared to PS3, actually LESS (no custom OS install), also they got rid of the touch sensitive buttons (lame) and they got rid of the shinyness!!! people say "ohh but fingerprints" i wanna know, who touches the console giving it fingerprints, there is NO need. use the playstation button to turn it on...stays shiny
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    Point here is, to post some lmao or stupid, nasty but yet again funny. Im going to start. lawl. one more. . All i know is that after seeing the second pic, i wont sleep well.
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    Тие ако се од македонија, шејм он ју. lol i think that anyone that uses Hi5, Facebook, Myspace etc is a low life.
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