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  1. one main thing i want to be different is the Police. they need to be a lot smarter than they are. real cops dont act like they do in gta games. and they should go after you for traffic laws and just give you a ticket for them. i honestly think thatd be sick. in addition, there needs to be a lot less cops. its really irritating how in gta4 i couldnt even jack a car without a cop going after me cuz theres like 4 at every corner. honestly, theres only approximately 700,000 cops in the entire united states. no way would there be so many in a single city like in gta4. i mean i just drove 5 hours from vegas and i only saw 6 cops the entire way. and all the cops should just drive in cars cuz in real life thats what they do. i have never seen a cop walking around the sidewalks patroling. in addition to the city police, it'd be pretty cool to also see sheriffs (Like in san andreas), border patrol (like in gta4, except they should make the cars look like actual US border patrol cars), and highway patrol would be sick to see.
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