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    A woman's body is discovered on the beach after a night of partying with friends. For the team, this can only mean one thing. Murder!
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    It is in the nature of things, that joy arises from a person free from remorse. You're being a little hard on yourself. If anything, laugh.
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    Are you drawing your old posts together for a final close? This is an interesting cabaret
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    Google Chrome is part of a subset of Google software applications including OS so I'd say it's safest in some sense, built around the ability to 'sandbox' online means only the browser might be prone to attack, but emails are much more dangerous I believe, where unsuspectingly you can allow malware to infiltrate your computer unwittingly Never do that without serious thought about what it could be you're downloading, I worry about downloads from browser links too, but as long as you keep one or more AVS. I do keep at times two browsers per system, if not including Internet Exporer. Remember that Microsoft's own innocious browser and OS had to change with the perilious times with public pressure as well as it's wide consumer base being business use and non-techies. This meant that threats in the Cyber world we see perhaps now increasing more in 2015.... had to be addressed. When I bought my PC in 2001, or thereabouts, I was averse to Anti Virus fees so I opted out, I didn't think there was any free AV available at that time. Defender for Microsoft became a needed free addendum and of course MS's OS Firewall. Not to spend too long on virus and malware, it's part of what I think makes the ultimate selection for browser choice, use, and where it's used... say home network of course, more safe, Wifi Hotspot, much less so. The other key features I like most are zoom capability, tabs, link database to recall instantly and being able to customize browser window views. At times I still use Opera which offers versions for mobile devices, and one might think with it's not so obvious option to surf the same web, it falls much less under the malware gun by targetting of cyber hackers-criminals. They'll most likely try for the most used browsers and computer systems. Or if we could figure out what they're doing, we could say for sure they're targetting obvious loopholes that are known, whichever system or browser that is. I'd often wondered if you're safer now to go online with Windows 98 or ME then the latest computer because of the transition away from older tech. Did you know the US Military rely on HUGE old school floppy disks to store sensitive data on? I saw this on a TV special report.... They do this in the defence network so the data is on a medium that's obsolete but still works! hahaha Oh, and besides Chrome, Firefox and IE, ...and Opera (closing some of it's features I hear, due to cost or the lack of users perhaps, sad but true.... you also have Apple's Safari. If we all used Apple online or offline computer wise, the cyber hackers would target them, it's just a sad fact that people tend to think of as Apple Macs must be much safer then Windows PCs, but it's just a matter of popularity
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    The dumbass who thinks we don't need an atmosphere to survive simply because Wikipedia says otherwise has a lot more to answer for, so no need to fret.
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    I wouldn't be sure about all the corporate giants, Trevor. Nintendo currently owes more than $50 million USD to the Japanese creditors while Wendy's lost $2.06 billion dollars USD last year (2014). But they're still surviving, though. They didn't completely collapse like so many small private entities did. The financial crisis hurt the entire world and everyone in it, that's for sure.
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    Honestly, I liken the decline of smaller forums like this to the 2008 financial crisis in America where countless small businesses folded and only the corporate giants like Wal-Mart and Target survived. Basically, sites like this are the small business and sites like GTAF are the giants. And it really is a shame, because I find smaller member bases like this to be preferable because it's easier to become more friendly with people. I actually met my current girlfriend on a forum. LOL
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    It sucks man. The forum scene is dying, lol. I just hate Reddit's layout and tbh the community's a bit...meh. Forums bring people together. Twitter, Reddit, it feels like loud noise that you can't tell where it's coming from.
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    I tend to agree about the internet being worse now due to nostalgia for forums - there's a thread soemwhere else in the forum complaining about it currently.
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