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    I have made an ordered list of those I want to meet. Here it is: 1. Gerard 2. Rockstarrem 3. Chris 4. Woozie 5. Spider-Vice (joint with TNF) 5. TNF (Joint with Spider-Vice) 6. MrLlamaLlama 7. Dirty Harry 8. Noru 9. EvoLuTioN 10. Sky 11. GTA Don 12. IVAN ALEXANDROV 13. MishoM 14. shadow536 15. Artur 16. Rainbow Six 17. gta player #69 18. aemboy15 19. Cat Licker 20. TM™ That's all I really want to meet for now. If I missed anyone out or you think I missed you out, I have probably forgotten. All bold are members of the FFM.
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    Kia Motors celebrated world premier of its all-new, eye-catching, compact and unique electric POP concept car at 106th Paris Motor Show. Spotlighting Kia’s focus on striking design and new technologies, this chrome-colored, three-meter-long three-seater POP with electric drivetrain, oblong-shaped side windows and front-hinged doors took center stage on Kia’s Paris Show stand. Via Tech Plus
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    Google Chrome is part of a subset of Google software applications including OS so I'd say it's safest in some sense, built around the ability to 'sandbox' online means only the browser might be prone to attack, but emails are much more dangerous I believe, where unsuspectingly you can allow malware to infiltrate your computer unwittingly Never do that without serious thought about what it could be you're downloading, I worry about downloads from browser links too, but as long as you keep one or more AVS. I do keep at times two browsers per system, if not including Internet Exporer. Remember that Microsoft's own innocious browser and OS had to change with the perilious times with public pressure as well as it's wide consumer base being business use and non-techies. This meant that threats in the Cyber world we see perhaps now increasing more in 2015.... had to be addressed. When I bought my PC in 2001, or thereabouts, I was averse to Anti Virus fees so I opted out, I didn't think there was any free AV available at that time. Defender for Microsoft became a needed free addendum and of course MS's OS Firewall. Not to spend too long on virus and malware, it's part of what I think makes the ultimate selection for browser choice, use, and where it's used... say home network of course, more safe, Wifi Hotspot, much less so. The other key features I like most are zoom capability, tabs, link database to recall instantly and being able to customize browser window views. At times I still use Opera which offers versions for mobile devices, and one might think with it's not so obvious option to surf the same web, it falls much less under the malware gun by targetting of cyber hackers-criminals. They'll most likely try for the most used browsers and computer systems. Or if we could figure out what they're doing, we could say for sure they're targetting obvious loopholes that are known, whichever system or browser that is. I'd often wondered if you're safer now to go online with Windows 98 or ME then the latest computer because of the transition away from older tech. Did you know the US Military rely on HUGE old school floppy disks to store sensitive data on? I saw this on a TV special report.... They do this in the defence network so the data is on a medium that's obsolete but still works! hahaha Oh, and besides Chrome, Firefox and IE, ...and Opera (closing some of it's features I hear, due to cost or the lack of users perhaps, sad but true.... you also have Apple's Safari. If we all used Apple online or offline computer wise, the cyber hackers would target them, it's just a sad fact that people tend to think of as Apple Macs must be much safer then Windows PCs, but it's just a matter of popularity
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    NO WATER MOD For GTA3 PC http://allen.jonesinggames.com/mods Features: No Water at all, anywhere Don't Drown, just Re-Spawn on a road You'll Die Far less often Difficulty: VERY EASY To Add this Mod, 1)Download "Waterpro.dat" 2)Replace "Waterpro.dat" inside "\GTA3\data" with the Modded one. To Play this Mod, *Enjoy the freedom of Falling into the void, rather than Water. *Never Drown Again! *Now able to Travel on top of the Porter-Tunnel For Other GTA3 Mods, Visit: http://allen.jonesinggames.com/mods waterpro.dat
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    The dumbass who thinks we don't need an atmosphere to survive simply because Wikipedia says otherwise has a lot more to answer for, so no need to fret.
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    I wouldn't be sure about all the corporate giants, Trevor. Nintendo currently owes more than $50 million USD to the Japanese creditors while Wendy's lost $2.06 billion dollars USD last year (2014). But they're still surviving, though. They didn't completely collapse like so many small private entities did. The financial crisis hurt the entire world and everyone in it, that's for sure.
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    Honestly, I liken the decline of smaller forums like this to the 2008 financial crisis in America where countless small businesses folded and only the corporate giants like Wal-Mart and Target survived. Basically, sites like this are the small business and sites like GTAF are the giants. And it really is a shame, because I find smaller member bases like this to be preferable because it's easier to become more friendly with people. I actually met my current girlfriend on a forum. LOL
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    It sucks man. The forum scene is dying, lol. I just hate Reddit's layout and tbh the community's a bit...meh. Forums bring people together. Twitter, Reddit, it feels like loud noise that you can't tell where it's coming from.
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    This forum, believe it or not, used to be very active! I firstly joined here around 2004/2005 when I was a mere 13/14 years old and I'm still here even after a few banned accounts. I do distinctively remember this forum being active with a working gang system, and a kind of community feel. I also forgot about this forum perhaps with age, now being 22, after I joined here years and years ago. People just move on and have things to do...I have work and a girlfriend so I don't get much time to even just play GTA let alone come and post on here. I also have an account on GTAforums but I'm not a huge fan, I used to prefer it on here. Gone are the days of the orange/grey skin and GTA San andreas being the latest GTA to hit the market. This place provides good memories and many wasted hours. Chris and co have done a wonderful job maintaining the forum and website despite their being very little users.
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    A lot of us still come and check around the forums every now and then I think. I still snoop around the forums every now and then to see if anything has changed etc.
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    It'll take time for it to take off though. Bluray's been out for like ten years and yet recording media for it's still at a premium. Not to mention that the cheapest "Blu-Ray" stuff you can find here in my place are those bootleg DVDs ripped off BD sources hence the faux moniker.
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    Introducing the newest version of the STUDIO smartphone family. STUDIO 5.0 II comes with an improved design and technology providing an incredible smartphone experience. And, here we are with yet another cellphone mod for GTA IV. Did this for a friend of mine who happened to buy a Studio 5.0 II for himself some time ago. It took me way longer than what I wanted to, though, no thanks to being busy with other projects and myself in a procrastinating mood most of the time. Also included in the archive are the 3DS Max 2012 source files used for the mod. SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: The GTA Place GTA Garage
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    Hi Friends! I am new to these forums. Please help me friends i don't know how to create UV templates of cars like in gta VC Txd. So how to create UV template like those of GTA VC by using 3ds max? Here is a complete way in which i found to get UVs but UV's were not like theones in GTA VC's: 1. I created an Infernus Police model for gta VC. 2. I attached the police car's Lights into the infernus car model 3. Hid all the damaged parts 4. Selected its Chassis_hi thing and went into modify and then the modifier list in which i selected unwrap UVmap 5. under unwrap UV map i went to face then chose box and Fit and then edit. But the UV i got there is not like in the one in GTA vc infernus body.bmp how to make the UVs appear like original infernus body.bmp. Because it will be hard for me to texture all those parts if i render that UV template(in 3ds max) since it has many small parts. So how to get UV templates like the ones used in GTA Vice city's TXD? Please help. Below you can see the original template of that car in Txd and the one in 3ds max. Templates are different! How to get them like above? Please help.
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    Well, TS is at it again, this time along side ATS. This spells only one thing.... PWNAGE!!! This video has an awesome intro and great stunts and editing to match, a must see for any Vice City or Stunting fan. The intro was created by kaneda and the editing by GTA Fanatic, members of the ATS stunt crew. The stunters featured in this video are as follows Darkness (ATS) GTA Fanatic (ATS) Kaneda (ATS) Madmax (ATS) Matt (TS) Neo Anderson (ATS) Nitzkit (ATS) Urban Legend (TS) ZeroX (TS) Well here it is!! -->FusioN<-- (Filefront) -->FusioN<-- (TheGamersAlliance) It is a 77mb download. Enjoy..
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    How it all began... It all started at year 2007. I was just surfing through Vice data folder and found all this strange files... Run into carcols.dat and tried to open it via Notepad. And boy, was I happy! It made all sense, there were lines for an every car in the game, and next besides to them were bunch of numbers which I later have figured out that they were representing the colors for each car! I was thrilled I could make any car any color I'de like! Then came the enthusiasm which pushed me over the boundaries to try changing EVERYTHING what I want! Handling, wheels, textures, objects, city, audio, text.. There were NO LIMITS! Every day I was a step closer to make my dream game- a game which has a gameplay of a GTA, cars from Fast&Furious movies and NFS games, blasting music and crystal graphics!! Years were passing, while I slowly built my expansion. Possibilities were not so endless as I would like them to be, but with that what I got and with knowledge I collected myself, I think I made quite good and fun Total Conversion which I DO WANT to share with as many people I can! Thank you for your attention "What's in it for me?" Okay, the presentation part is very complex and would take a while to finish it. Let's start from the obvious, ok? -ENB Graphics Engine (Boris Vorontsov as the author, settings by me) It gives a game a masterpiece 'face-liftup' Thanks again Boris! See few examples of my: Bloom Bloor Occlusion Real Time Reflections Some more screenshots: *I will continue with the presentation soon, starting with graphics changes and describing vehicles and new codes. Until then,
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    From returning, who did he kill I want to no this, because i heard "toni Ran out because he killed a made man" but who is the made man, and why did he return?
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    w00t. Post screenshots. Then I started trying to mess up photos Notice the tree is slightly bending? Wow this is too much fun. The heli? Chrome looking at that? The building RIGHT next to the entrance to the bridge on PORTLAND, has big boxes ontop of it. Well, they aren't solid.
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    I remember signing up here like five years ago saying "wow this is like the best GTA site ever, the mods must feel so cool" and now I'm like "woah I'm cool."
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    Yes, when they still have Empires.
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    Nowadays when it comes to stunt videos, we usually always see them coming from dedicated sites such as GTAStunting. However, last year, we decided on our forums to make a video of our own. Unfortunately the project fell through, but earlier this year, a small group of members tried to revive the project, and now their video is finished. The video, entitled Blackout was mostly organised by Ghost, with stunts also being provided by Slayer, Jace and Engel. It features a good mixture of both aerial, car and bike stunts across the state of San Andreas. Blackout is 5 minutes 47 seconds in length and is quite a large download at just under 95MB. Click the image to download: If you're interested in participating in a community stunt video, then fear not, as Ghost also has a Vice City video planned which we're still capturing stunts for. You can check out this topic for more information on that. If you're not yet a member of our forums, we recommend you sign up today. Registration is free, fast, and easy, and is a great way to get involved with the GTA community.
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    I Think That Rockstar have to take a smart dessicion about that ........ untitled.bmp
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    ANother great bargain bin one is simcity 2000. Heroes of Might and magic Might and magic series. Ive never heard of streets of simcity. What kind of bargin bin were talkin about here? $5 $10 $20?
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    actually badfellas was an easter egg in gta 3. everywhere u went in liberty city u wud see that same poster. and yes it is relevent to goodfellas. and that other poster to the right is another poster that u wud see all over the place. (ps. rockstar makes a wierd ass)
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