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  1. I have completed only one Daedric quest so far

    (Sam's .. The Sanguin Rose is pretty boss)[/ spoiler]. Another one from Markath is active and one from Riften is in my Misc Quests.

    My Quest management is pretty shit, I have about 40 Active quests and over 9000 Misc Quests .. and that is just from 3 towns.

  2. Just went through the earlier posts in this thread (Skipped them trying to avoid spoilers), If its not too much of a hassle could you guys mention which faction/Quest line the spoiler is related to and use the hide tags or do what DH did in his post .. would be much appreciated.

    So everyone here is a stormcloak Nord then?

    @DH: I'm little partial towards the Stormcloaks for similar reasons. Atm yea its Racism Vs. Thalmor Scum.. not sure which one is a bigger deal breaker for me.

    I'm gonna explore a bit more before making a decision, Don't want to lock out quests by picking a side too early.

    @TM: +1 for the Thieves guild armor being awesome, I used to be a heavy armor guy, then I took an arrow to the knee Now I'm all about the sneaking and Lock picking. The Dark Brotherhood armor on the other hand doesn't suit my character at all, I may give it to Ves when I get her as a companion.

  3. Playing a One handed Warrior-Mage-Nord(Level 25).

    My first character as usual is all over the place cause I can't decide how I want to play. Completed the companions quest line, cleared out a bunch of dungeons and forts and been doing some jobs for the thieves guild and DB(Haven't done any of their main quest other than the ones to join the group)

    Its amazing how much time and emotion you can invest in the world and characters, (DB Spoiler)

    Killing Narfi has to be the hardest thing I've had to do so far ..and Ive taken on frost trolls at level 8, Got Lydia to do it while I looked the other way. Wasn't able to even return Reydas remains to him. :'(

    Oh and Markath is a shithole of a place, Almost everyone is scum.

    tl;dr: Don't join the Dark Brotherhood early in the game, Companions are cool enough for the start guild.

    Btw Imperials or Storm Cloaks and why?

  4. Don't have anything in particular that I'm REALLY excited about atn.

    With that said though, I need more info on the Mountain/Ski part of the trailer.. Mt. Chillad used to be retarded fun, Basejumping with bmxs and what not, Hoping theres gonna be something like that in V.

  5. @Rems post- Yep, something like that.

    Clans and gangs are a bit different in the Gta-verse.

    Here is something you should do, It should help you be a little less dismissive .. or at least know the fuck we are talking about.

    Get SAMP

    Play on a decent rpg server for a couple of hours (There is a bit of a learning curve .. use the /newb chat, people are generally helpful)

    Come back here and discuss.

    You'll understand what we are getting at.

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  6. I hope they make the game more mod-able this time around, With decent dev support the community created servers will anytime be a lot more superior than whatever Rockstar intends to offer.

  7. Where's waldo?


    @Chris wheres the party? Wheres the cake? Wheres the ladies? lol :)

    After-party in Chris's pants for everyone who couldn't make it to the before the after-party party.

    All in my bedroom, where else? :D

    EDIT: Actually, someone (Evo?) will probably photoshop a cake or something for us. I remember this happening in previous years.

    Gah, you wise magnificent bastard.
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  8. MW3 has dedicated servers but there's only about 100 or so on the list, only about 10 of them have any people on. I think only clans use them. It's actually kinda weird how so many people kicked up a fuss about the lack of them but now they've added them they are barely used.

    Dedis are unranked. From what i understand they did that to stop servers from sending fake stats to their battlelog thing.
  9. Spotted a couple of other things.


    • Character customisation making a return?


    • Flags of the European union, Mexico and Japan.


    • Suppressed weapons are back.
    • Gas mask = some sort of gas grenades?


    • Being able to kick doors in.
    • The V on the door is a bit similar to the V in the logo, may be of some significance.

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