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  1. Sounds good, Those requirements are pretty decent, definitely a release week purchase.

    The system/disk space requirements seem a little conservative imo compared to IV; the console versions took up 20-something gigabytes of space (based on what I've read on the Pirate Bay, as both the PS3 and 360 releases weighed in at 22GB).

    Gta 4 is 15Gigs on pc.

  2. Ok I visited my provider's website and tested my speed there. It's exactly the same BUT instead of showing my ping it says ''PING: Firewall''. I called support and they said it's most likely the Firewall hatin' me. I didn't set it to limit my internet but anyway, how do I unset it? :P

    Do the ISPs there give two shits bout your ingame latency? Just asking.
  3. Hah yeah, used to play it a ton. I think all the items players already had were changed to vintage when the game went F2P.

    It used to be a lot more fun though before they flooded it with drops and what not. Hats used to be just for Royalty (i think there were only 9 of them around the time i stopped playing), servers used congratulate you and rejoice when a hat dropped.

    Edit I do reaslise that I sound like a bitter old person, meh.

    Gimme some hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    By the way did anybody else wake up with a random pair of professor glasses? I heard they are for those who help new players but I can't even help myself to be good at the game lol. Except for the Spy class.

    I think its part of the coach program thing.

    The Deus Ex drops are pretty pimp btw, Got the widowmaker for the engie y'day. I want the Adam Jenson glasses for the heavy. :awesome:

  4. Nope, I haven't played LA Noire. Is it really as big and detailed as San Andreas + Gta4 Liberty City?

    Even if the consoles cant handle it, PC's certainly would! :D

    That's the thing right there, if the consoles can't handle it there's no way Rockstar will release a Pc version.

  5. My 2013 assumption is based on Rockstar's previous marketing campaigns. Its safe the difference between the date they announce something and the actual release date will be well over a year. They had just the teaser site for Gta4 up for what, 2 years+?

    Between SA and Vice City, IMO the smaller one is more likely. That or they may use only one city from San Andreas. I don't think current gen conslols will be able to run an updated version of SA.

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