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    What happened?!

    There is hardly any voices in the game. Just sound? And radio.. I mean they took out the police radio, the police radio in cop cars... and they took out helicopter bullhorns too? Is this right? Or is my game messed.
  2. 7.62mm

    Lost CMD!?!

    Guys CMD was deleted from my computer. Does anybody know where I can re download it and get it back!?
  3. 7.62mm


    I'm not talking about the creature with wings.. I'm talking about that weird feeling you get in your belly when you are nervous. How do you get rid of these! Can you?
  4. I have noticed really low activity on new information coming out for GTA IV... Are we up for something big to come soon? Its been really qiet for a few three days now. What do you all think?
  5. Do you think Nicko will talk to people? Like when he hijacks a car will he say like "Get the hell out!" or like in Vice City And San Andreas when you pointed a gun at someone they interacted Likce CJ would say funny stuff. Do you think Nicko will?
  6. I got her address. Most of you know she lives in Australia, and until I can see her again all I can do is send her things Via mail. I thought of a very cool idea. A customized hoodie! Like I will get her a hoody because she likes those alot, With my name on it, and A picture of me then write something on the back, something nice Then, I need help on two more things. What do you guys think? Should I get her a customized hat too? Any ideas? I want to get her two more things. Special things Help would be appreciated!
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    for sure buddy
  8. 7.62mm


    Yea. I know man. Yea I go to childrens hospital 7th best in state Im in good handds man. Ever need me PM me ok bud?
  9. 7.62mm


    Well I have to say that that was wrather rude. You don't know me. How can you say you are worse than me? You dont have a freakin clue buddy. As neither I do with you too. I do not know how bad it is. but I can tell you right now that wasnt very nice. Im not trying to start a fight I am just saying I think that was wrather rude of you but its okay man i feel ya We may have same stuff buddy For your info I passed out 4 times at school last year and had to be carried off on a stretcher.. now tell me thats not bad... Comon man. You have no clue.
  10. 7.62mm

    What pisses you off?

    I want aloud to play gta till I was 13, but I played anyway when I was 12 lol
  11. 7.62mm

    What pisses you off?

    I Hate kids in school known as "The helper kid" lol! Always walking around asking for extra homework..Buggin the teacher, hell thats probably why hes not home his parents cant stand him either! lol I dont really know if it pisses me off.. Just something I thought of that irratates me a little lol XD
  12. 7.62mm

    What pisses you off?

    I hate when your windows XP Deletes itself and you have to install everything from disk including over 300 songs that where deleted and not saved. To make things better.. I hate when you cant have internet either! *Thats what my computer did so I am on my grandmas*
  13. 7.62mm

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bobby Fuller Four- I faught the law
  14. Really dude?? I been to Gtaplace but I also been to GtaBoards and Gta forums and I been to gtajunkies I been to alot man

  15. 7.62mm

    Should there be female cops?

    There are lots of female cops where I live
  16. 7.62mm

    Happy Birthday Artur!

    Happy Birthday dood!!!
  17. 7.62mm

    End of the World

    Well I heard in a million years the sun will burn out or something and everything will just die. I also heard that the moon will explode and cause tsunamis and mess with just about everything on earth. Not just tsunamis... BIG FUCKING TSUNAMIS.
  18. 7.62mm

    What should I get my Girlfriend :)

    Thanks man! Ya know all of that white backround? I wanna get rid of it! I dont know how.. Because its making it extremley big.. and thanks for the advice meng
  19. 7.62mm

    What should I get my Girlfriend :)

    Naw buddy, she lives there for good now. When I get out of school that's where I am going. I am visiting her next summer too Just gotta wait! Hey and I gave the hoodie thing some thought.. Why shouldn't I post a pic of me on it? To far? Well I will give it some more thought thaNKS for your guys help!
  20. hey buddy =] Hows you doing.

  21. 7.62mm

    More GTA IV/Vice City Related Images From Leipzig

    Thanks Sky. Cool. Hope we get a new trailer
  22. 7.62mm

    More GTA IV/Vice City Related Images From Leipzig

    What is this? Is this a conference or sumtin?!
  23. 7.62mm

    Should there be female cops?

    I agree with Outlaw
  24. 7.62mm

    GTA IV vs. Saints Row 2

    That and the main character dont say anything! lol XD Gta is better but I like this game alot