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  1. I think i will drive round, and explore the area you start with, and them i'm going to the water, cause iv'e always wanted to know, if you can dive, and i'm gonna find a answer to that question. But then i'm going to play some missions, to try to open the other islands, so that i can explore them. I can't wait to se Algonquin, and liberty island
  2. Oh man, i'm so envious! you have just expirienced my biggest dream, i wish it was me. But thanks for sharing your expirience with us other people, now i can atleast imagine how it must have been.
  3. That was so cool. I love that he's emotional like that, it makes him less gangster/bro/black, like C.J. And i like that. He also reminds me of agent 47, and i like agent 47, so i LOVE Nico. But he turned out just as i imagined, and that makes me happy, and very excited
  4. Haha, the way they say "there have been a lot of violence in Chicago today, and the reason is for sure the new GTA IV commercials" It makes me sit here and think "and they say they are the smart, serious guys?" All they are, are some desperate, funhating, jerks, that really don't know anything. Oh, and i have some news to. There have been a lot of explosions in iraq the last year, and the reason is 100% sure, because of the trailer to the new ironman movie, and that's just how it is.
  5. i am also buying a console so i can play gtaIV and i am choosing xbox 360 beachause it is cheaper my friends have one and i know most about the xbox
  6. i really like the video that you got to see spots from many places at the town and i like that there was no action i think it makes a great mystery about the game that made me a lot more exided
  7. and i gotta say i dont hope that this game will be all about gangs and gangsters like in sa i got really tired of that with there gangster talkin and all that
  8. i think nico bellic is cool i like him in the video and i hope he will be like that in the game silent and cold some of his charm will go away if he starts yelling or going crazy or something
  9. no i think that being able to buy to many things will make gta less gta not the game where you run around and try cool stuff but just a game where you buy and buy and buy. what fun is there when you have bodyguards and you end up owning all the things in the game then you are just like a king that can do what he wants. so buying to many things is bad
  10. hello i'm new here and i am a big gtafan
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