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  1. in order to play lost and dammed or the ballad of gay tony or are they sprate cd/games.
  2. There is 21 houses in the game total 1 of them is won on a ticket, now my problem is I have all the houses including the prize house and in my stats it says i have only 20 houses and there are no more houses on the map. is this a glitch or is there another house to win from the ticket or what please reply.
  3. Damn Can't believe he's really dead I loved Thriller and Billy Jean Damn this is such a shocker
  4. Both A.ZR-350 and B.Euros (afther all the missions have been complteted to fill the abandon air strip) How many planes and helicopters are at the abandon air strip?? 3planes 2 helicopters After you complete the import/Export What are all the bonus vehicles you can buy and their price
  5. whitch of these is a car on the import/export board A. Zr-350 B.Euros C.Hotknife
  6. At the end of the game you unlock the rhino I was wondering before I spend 10000 on it if it will fit in any of the safe house garages. And if so which ones. because every time I get a big vehicle the garages say there to big.
  7. At the moment 4DR:sultun,vincent 2DR:Futo GT,forci Sports: sultun RS,Turismo Misc:Mr.Tasty,Romero Muscle:Dukes Aircraft:Mavrick
  8. Nice find man, I wonder what else you can do with the touch screen Can't Wait For March!
  9. Lets see what kind of pets you own. I have a Americain short hair (BLACK) cat Female Don't have a didgital camera so can't post a Pic of her.
  10. What retard would I have to be to think three year olds would be opening this up on Christmas day, and the parents saying "you sell as much coke as you want " Agreed?
  11. Theses are my dream cars 1993-97 Tyota supra http://www.mkiv.com/mkiv_gallery/mkiv_gall...20Wallpaper.jpg 2008 dodge challanger SRT-8 (in tor red) http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3222/297089...ab790e5.jpg?v=0 AND my ultimite Dream car is the 1970 PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER SUPERBIRD http://damox.com/cars/thumbs/Plymouth/1970...40_Six_Pack.jpg
  12. does it need to be a wireless DSL/Broadband for online play?
  13. I'm thing of getting Xboxlive this christmas and I know I need to have the adaptor but what els do I need? oh and do I need wireless high speed Internet connection(DSL)?
  14. Maddog89

    Saints Row 2

    Man, the cheat for this game are out already even for the UFO,Minibike, and Gyro daddy.
  15. Maddog89

    Saints Row 2

    do you get those ingame....or extra There not in the game there exclusive to gamespot but they give codes for them,in the UK instead of a UFO you get a gyrochopper or however you speell that.
  16. Maddog89

    Saints Row 2

    Yeah and in the US gamestops if you pre oder it you get theses http://www.ebgames.com/gs/images/bonus/Sai...ow2_bonusLG.jpg
  17. I,ll go name all the cars you need to deliver to sunshine auto
  18. I bet you anything that the will be a pieace of downloadable clothing
  19. 1993 Nissan 240SX 2009 Nissan GT-R or 2009 Dodge Challanger
  20. Well, I just got home from school and I'm not dead yet. beside my science teacher said that the scintist know what there doing MAYBE?
  21. This is version 2 for more info look at the fist one on GTA IV genral discussions So far from the last one we've got Niko bellic walks out of his apartment in middle park east and then hops into his Ice cream van and drives to an Icream palor to pike up........................................ lets give this story a beging,middle,and end this is like a fill in the blank story but the blanks are the story lets make this funny,degrating,gore,etc. As possiable
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