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  1. wants to get into Hugh Jackman's pants.

  2. Ha, actually, green is my favourite colour but it was a bit hard to see. I use a different colour font because it's my "trademark" in every forum I go to.

  3. Thanks for the hello! Nice to meet you ^_^

  4. Why hello there. 99 years old, huh....Wonder what that feels like <_<

  5. Your name makes me think of the Ewoks <_<

  6. Hi and welcome to the forum ^_^

  7. Ice waters down drinks too, it's nasty. The shit they put in thier pepsi is like drugs. It makes you want more and more <<

  8. I have MSN but I don't use it much anymore because I got tired of 60 people asking me things all at once but you can add me anyways, I do pop on once in a while: [email protected]

  9. DAMN.

    Your post about that stupid gangsta and the country song about his sister was CLASSIC.

  10. LOL, I am all about sharing way too much info about things no one wants to know :P

  11. I joined in May and I was absent for a while. I guess I'm kinda new than <_<

  12. Hey Jared! I've been doing well. I am on vacation so I'm doing the lazy routine lol. Before that, I was busy at work so internet time was scarce.

  13. Hi serge and welcome to TGTAP ^_^

  14. Hi Chris! How are things? Good I hope. The forum is pretty sweet, nice job!

  15. ...OK, at first I didn't like the name but now it's funny as hell!

  16. Hi and welcome to the forum!

  17. How are you not a five star member?

  18. Haha, I don't care what gender you are, you're awesome <3

  19. 10 years old? COOTIES!

  20. Haha, Godfather's a bitch and I'm happy to make topics where people can flame the shit out of dildos like him.

  21. I LOVE Megatron and Soundwave. I really liked the movie too, I thought it was well done. Only change I wanted was less humans, more Transformers!

  22. Ah, the state of New York. I am originally from Buffalo. Welcome.