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  1. The way some of these websites work is if the writer writes an article that gets linkage from other websites, they get some sort of commision. So they do everything they can to make it look like they (or rather just that person) created the story. I wouldn't be surprised if that guy has a list of GTA fan sites bookmarked. EDIT: News flies around fast... http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?si...order=0&thold=0 http://palgn.com.au/article.php?title=Firs...59b38d98e160c44 http://games.kikizo.com/news/200606/060.asp http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3151402
  2. Notice how totalvideogames also has this news now: http://www.totalvideogames.com/news/GTA_IV...0091_5883_0.htm They did the same when I found the vice city stories trademarks: http://www.totalvideogames.com/news/Rockst...9607_5221_0.htm
  3. I like the buttons and stuff. But i don't really like the rest of it . It's nice how it matches the site, which has a nice layout, but I don't like the skin.
  4. Mm... dunno about that one. But atleast it isn't like the UK where it constantly rains all the time, yet there's a water shortage. He signed an NDA with R*, so don't expect anything. This made me think. I wonder if that "episodic content" will include radio stations..... Probably not, because it takes some time and money. So let's all just ride a horse backwards and don't look back (random LCFR on LCS quote ).
  5. It's like saying "does water come out of taps? " . Of course Rockstar will want him to work on the radio shows and other content for GTA IV and Vice City Stories. He and Dan Houser writes superb content.
  6. Haha I beat you all to it! Yes, today is the Birthday of staff member Gerard . Happy Birthday Gerard!
  7. Adriaan

    So I bought a PSP

    Ridge Racer is basicly still like that yeah. I liked it when I got my PSP, but there's a ton of better games out there right now. Like _____ and _____. I love ______, but I prefer ______.
  8. Lol that was a joke about how Rockstar Games is willing to release stuff. I'm not beeing negative. I think it'll be cool if they release it.
  9. You have a better chance of breaking into 622 Broadway New York, NY 10012 and stealing the source code, than to actually get Rockstar Games to release it.
  10. Well yeah there is an amount of people that just bought the PSP to play LCS. But that's why it's considered as a "killer application". It makes people want to get the system. It'd be funny if the first two months of sales for LCS PS2 is much better than the PSP version. I mean yeah there did nearly ship 20 million PSP units. But put over a 100million PS2s and a price like that together... then you get amazing sales Oh and interestingly since October, LCS for PSP is STILL the number one rented game at Gamefly!
  11. There's many reasons for this: 1 ) Their shares dropped dramaticly recently due to that Eurogamer article about the delay. (Will probably more after this announcement) 2 ) They've spent money last year "at an alarming rate" and needs to show this year that they can get back on their feet and make more.... 3 ) Oil Prices are just rising and the game is published in North America. 4 ) The demand for LCS in Europe is much, much lower in Europe than North America.
  12. Hey guys what! Jax at GTARumble is busy working on modding.. similar to what SA-MP is doing and he says it's ready to go. http://i3.tinypic.com/vpe0ox.jpg
  13. Wow! Looks a pretty neat, doesn't it guys? Almost like Nuh Yok and Sam Houser.
  14. Yeah although people are going more and more higher resolution with the constent drop of LCS screens.... I also think that the text for content pages should be....... oh I just realised you did change it. Yeah that looks great!
  15. Good one, but you know mine would have been better
  16. Well I appologise for that. I just assumed you don't have LCS, because speaking to you last week I found that you don't own a PSP, nor LCS. Sorry about that one. I would like to know your source though about the following statement: I take it as purely speculation, and you in fact did not speak to a R* Leeds developer on this. Perhaps you should get your facts straight, before saying something like that. Again, I challenge you to provide your source on that statement. ...and don't go on saying something like: "It is so, because there is no evidence of it not being so."
  17. Based on MVI's last post: Check the poll results, appart from the people that doesn't have a PSP, most people will buy Vice City Stories. Maybe you should make comments about these games once you actualy played it. GTA: LCS' engine is entirely different from GTA 3. There's a lot of changes around the city, the vehicles are different, more features and a lot more. For some reason you people think LCS is a port of GTA3. I laught at you! I'm just commenting about it not being worth creating a brand new city, based on the financial results of Liberty City Stories. They'd make more money with VCS, than creating a brand new city
  18. LCS is the number one selling PSP game, it didn't fail. Yet it is not worth spending $15 million creating a new city. The next GTA will come out allong with the PS3. I'm sure that'd affect it even more. If it comes out on PS2 and PSP at the same time, then yes... creating a new city could be nice.
  19. I would have to say financially it is not worth creating a brand new city.
  20. SA-MP today released several new screenshots of the upcoming multiplayer mod for GTA: San Andreas. They've also released a brand new video that shows off some of the new features. What I like about this mod is that during some infiltration type missions other players can't see you on the radar, and of course the other way round. This allows you to sneak up to someone and kill him "silently" with your knife and other enemies won't be able to hear you. By the looks of it, they've also created several of their own multiplayer missions. The new screenshots and video shows that we'll be able to go gambling and enter all sorts of interiors that you could only have entered during certain missions in the single player mode. Head on over to the SA-MP site to view the new screenshots and download the latest video. SA-MP Media Gallery: Click Here
  21. If only I lived in the UK and was slightly younger.....
  22. New GTA title? lol this is not a new GTA title. This is Liberty City Stories for the PS2! That's right.. a port of the game for the Playstation 2 console. It is probably known that they'll be selling it for less than the PSP version.
  23. In the past week, various retailers posted release dates of Liberty City Stories for the PS2. It's a well known fact that many retailers make up release dates in order to encourage people to preorder the game. However, PSXtreme claims that retailers received an e-mail from the publisher, Take-Two Interactive, revealing a release date of April 17 and a price tag of $29.99. Seeing as it's Take-Two's First Quarter results of 2006 tommorow, it is highly likely that Take-Two did infact send out the information to retailers first of all, to put up before they make the official announcement tommorow. During these results Take-Two also like to reveal information about their upcoming games and make announcements pertaining to release dates. Earlier today the company announced two new titles, a Table Tennis game for the Xbox 360 and a game based on the popular TV-series: Family Guy. We'll be listening (and I know most of you also) to the conference call tommorow and waiting for the press release. EGM said last month that they'll be posting an exclusive preview about the game that'll include information and screenshots of the PS2 version of Liberty City Stories. The magazine is said to be out before the end of this week! We'll keep you posted. Source: PSXtreme Take-Two 1st Quarter Results: Click here
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    er... i live down south in africa. Cape Town, South Africa
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