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  1. Unfortuneatly it can't be Carcer City due to specific reasons. Get yourselves ready for Vice City guys
  2. Wow some great gifts there. Well enjoy your new 360 stuff, and the console itself
  3. Just thought i'd come online and say: Happy B-DAY chris82! I hope you have a wonderfull day out there in the fabulous Ohio. Oh and I just noticed, you're officialy a "teen" now. Congrats I might add
  4. No their number changed entirely. BTW, the building you walk past. Does it have bars infront of the windows, or not?
  5. Yeah well their number recently changed. So the one in the phone book will be wrong. Anyway they did move recently. While working on GTA: LCS they were located at: St Pauls House Richardshaw Lane Pudsey LS28 6BN GB Now they have moved to: 2nd Floor 2 The Boulevard City West One Office Park Gelderd Road Leeds LS12 6NU
  6. Yeah well before he got the job he made these and he happened to live in London then.
  7. Today we bring to you the first batch of renders of Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PS3, straight from Rockstar North in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ok, I'm just kidding. These are not of any GTA game currently in development. However they are the work of one guy who recently acquired a job at the studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was kind enough to show us the work that he did that got him this snazzy job at Rockstar North as an enviroment artist. Be sure to read this topic to check out his work. If you think you're up for it, then why not submit your portfolio to Rockstar? Currently job openings are available at Rockstar North and at Rockstar Leeds, both developing another Grand Theft Auto title. One for next generation consoles, the other for the PSP. Rockstar Leeds 2D DESIGNER ENVIRONMENT ARTIST SENIOR ENVIRONMENT ARTIST Content Creators Rockstar North ENVIRONMENT ARTISTS On a side note, Edison Carter has yet again released another update of his LCS Cheat Device. Features include: Infinite Health and Armor Edit Wanted Level Edit Time Edit Weather + Snow Spawn Anything Display Coordinates and Speed v0.2: Teleport Step Through Walls Power Jump Download LCS Cheat Device for PSP firmware 2.0, 2.01 and 2.5 only: US/Canada version 0.2: CheatDevice02US.zip UK version 0.2: CheatDevice02UK.zip
  8. ... and you most certainly will not. They'll most certainly not reveal any info on their upcomming games for a short while. We'll know a bit more around December 15th.
  9. right. Another day, another retard with a sad life.
  10. Of course kokane will win. That girl is hot! She zizzles to the mizzle.
  11. Here we go: Although I do believe they moved after the release of LCS.
  12. Well there is a rumor that Rockstar Leeds recently moved to a bigger studio for developement on GTA PSP 2. Makes sense cause their number recently changed. I believe the previous one was in an old church changed into a studio. Hope some lawyer doesn't get their hands on this one. I can see it already... "Churches closed to make violent video games in!"
  13. The VCN helicopter is in there cause LCS was built onto GTA: Vice City. It was just left behind. We don't need no hints to know the location of the next GTA on the PSP. R* leeds is too [censored] to make their own city. Oh and warning level increased for Taime.
  14. What can I say? Just one word : Amazing .
  15. It's not a rumor. It's either an uninformed journalist at OPS2 Australia that made a mistake, or the publication wanted to get attention by telling everyone they saw an expantion:
  16. Of course you wont understand it? lol my reputation? erm.. ok. Yeah atleast I have one.
  17. Now that is someone I like! I wish I could award you in some way. lol @ skullraider! What makes you think I care about you lol!
  18. Ah people get over yourselves. If you don't like the forum Fuckoff. For those who likes it: Welcome!!! More nagging from someone and I'll suspend your account for a few days.
  19. I think the only thing you can do is start a porno site. It always works.
  20. Sorry but to me forum arcades are so... 1998. IPB store seems cool though.
  21. I have a very popular forum board. But then again it's a LCS fansite. But Sabin it'll pick up next month. December 15th to be exact. From then the road to GTA... whatever starts again.
  22. lol it's so funny how people start posting in topics that was last posted in months ago
  23. lol that's an interesting question. Considering he is the founder of TheGTAPlace that wouldn't be a problem. Trust me... Mr. Phillips makes more than enough money to afford his own server every month. Yeah I have to be honest this is the slowest image uploader I have ever seen. Even though I am all the way down in Africa imageshack is like litteraly 20 x faster.
  24. yeah lol I know. lol was so funny that Chris pissed of Young Maylay(as in CJ) without even doing anything.
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