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    MSN Down?

    the web traffic is getting just too much!
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    http://media.putfile.com/POPStation2 Check that out!
  3. 1UP.com have just put up their preview for Liberty City Stories telling us even more about the weapons in the game. The highlight of the preview is that cameras (that were seen in San Andreas) will make a return. So that most likely means we will be able to take screenshots of our own. There are also 10 new sceenshots as well as one new artwork image. Links: 1UP.com and new screenshots . What do you think of this new preview? Tell us about it in the news comments!
  4. Ok we all do know that every now and then an occasional plane crash occurs in San Andreas. Jordan from PlanetGTA has written a nice article on this topic. He teaches you how to easily find this mysterious crashes and there is an interesting bit on how plane crashes got into the final game. Click here to read the preview. You can also download several plane crash videos and even submit your own!
  5. not realy. I think Rockstar just mails them that info. I mean a few days after IGN posted the characters preview, several other gaming websites also had the same stuff and claimed Rockstar has send it to them. So this can be the same.
  6. Wait carpetdweller made an interesting point over at GTAforums. That does look more like a Kuruma CONVERTIBLE than a Manana. PICS: The new car Manana Kuruma
  7. yeah it aint so semi-transparent like magazine articles said.
  8. Someone came forward with evidence, like Jordan over at planetgta says: Yeah lol I do agree no one realy cares after so long. But think how Rockstar felt as someone leaked their game which they spent years and millions of dollars on. This is just fare.
  9. Last year several leaked media spun onto the web which included photos of the box art, manual, the promotional poster and map of the PS2 version of San Andreas. The person who took these photos worked for the Take Two plant and stole a copy of the video game. The leaked copy was then later posted on several warez sites which allowed everyone to download San Andreas weeks before the release on October 26. The FBI followed the case and then later captured the man known as "Stephen Dottoli". Yesterday, he was sentenced in federal court in Camden, NJ to two years probation. He also will have to serve six months on home confinement and pay a $2,500 fine. Even though Dottoli was a suspect for posting San Andreas onto the internet, the authorities couldn't find any effidence to prove it. U.S. District Court Judge Robert Kugler says that he would have faced stiffer penalties if he had done so. Read the rest of the article at The Philadelphia Inquirer. (requires registration) [via Joystiq]
  10. A lot of you will remember the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack which included both GTA3 and Vice City. It is likely that Rockstar will do the same and include all 3 recent games (GTA3, Vice, San Andreas) into a triple pack for a special price. Popular gaming website 1UP is now reporting that they heard from a special source that Rockstar will soon announce "Two GTA Special Editions". It is highly possible and we will be updating you if any official announcements come our way. Read the rest at 1UP. We haven't had an official word from Rockstar yet so we don't know how true this is. UPDATE: Take Two released 2 press releases confirming this. The first states that the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (which includes GTA3, Vice and San Andreas) will be released on October 18th 2005 for the Xbox. The price is still unknown. The 2nd states that on October 18th 2005 Rockstar will release the "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition" for Playstation 2. This edition includes the full "M" rated San Andreas, the Introduction DVD and Rockstar's debut documentary film, Sunday Driver. Links: Xbox Trilogy and GTA SA Special Edition press releases.
  11. Just a reminder that the call for entries for the Rockstar Upload 4 will be coming to an end next week, September 30th. Huge cash prizes to be won, which include the following: BEST SHORT SUBJECT FILM CASH PRIZE: $5,000 BEST SHORT FICTION CASH PRIZE: $3,000 BEST DEEJAY MIX CASH PRIZE: $3,000 BEST MULTIMEDIA DESIGN CASH PRIZE: $3,000 So if you are a creative person and haven't entered already, do so now on the Rockstar Upload 4 website. On a side note the official site for The Warriors has updated recently which includes never-before-seen movies and screenshots. Rockstar will also be releasing a movie called "Sunday Driver" this fall which will be exclusively available on UMD. "Sunday Driver is an all-access documentary film that chronicles the Compton/Watts chapter of California’s low rider car club." Also both Take Two and Rockstar Warehouse are now listing Liberty City Stories as "M" for mature. The exact details by the ESRB are "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs".
  12. Interesting read. I wish it could be like old times. You Chris are a so called "diva" in the GTA community. I agree that things got out of hand now days.
  13. Well anyway enjoy GTA-Forums. Maybe you should make it a forum board to people that get banned at the real GTAForums and then they can come and post again at GTAForums just with the hyphen in the middle.
  14. Rockstar have sent us the 8 new screenshots recently shown in an IGN preview of Liberty City Stories, these are all crystal clear unwatermarked screenshots which we've added to our screenshots page View the rest on our LCS screenshots page.
  15. Yes I know that domain was bought by Chris long before you were born son. I just say that if I were a GTA fan being introduced to the web and I will find my way at GTA-Forums.com I will rather go to GTAForums.com.
  16. dude like WTF? There is GTAForums.com
  17. IGN has recently putten up another preview for Liberty City Stories. It includes alot of info on new characters to be seen in the game along with 8 new screenshots. We will be adding them to our database once we recieve the unwatermarked versions from Rockstar. Links: IGN's "The Players" and screenshots.
  18. Today, 13 September, GTA: San Andreas should be back on shelves of all retailers. If you were one of the few people who didn't have the opportunity to buy the game yet, then now is the time to go get one. The ESRB gave it an "Adults Only" rating due to the "hot coffee" mod that unlocked hidden sexually explicit content. The new version doesn't contain that content and is yet again rated "M" for Mature.
  19. Gaming website <a href="http://games.kikizo.com/news/200509/051.asp"target="_blank">Kikizo.com</a>'>http://games.kikizo.com/news/200509/051.asp"target="_blank">Kikizo.com</a> recently had the opportunity to preview Liberty City Stories on one of Rockstar's developer's kits. From what I have read, they are very impressed and is certainly a great preview to read. Some interesting bits from the preview: • The main areas of Liberty City (Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale) will be just as recognizable as GTA3, but have some tweaks: different short cuts, alleys, buildings, and some interiors have been thrown in for good measure too. • Character customization is not as extensive as in San Andreas, more akin to that seen in Vice City, with certain outfits required for specific missions. • The ferries system will work much the same way as the subway and the El-Train system. • Quite a high level of detail on buildings. Kikizo also says that the streets of Liberty City appeared to be a little quieter than GTA3. They were also highly impressed with the loading times. View the preview <a href="http://games.kikizo.com/news/200509/051.asp"target="_blank">here</a>. On a side not, <a href="http://www.pro-g.co.uk/news/nid/865/1456/"target="_blank">Pro-G.co.uk</a> says that the UK release date for Liberty City Stories has now been confirmed. That it will be in stores Friday October 28th. Links: <a href="http://games.kikizo.com/news/200509/051.asp"target="_blank">Kikizo Preview</a> and <a href="http://www.pro-g.co.uk/news/nid/865/1456/"target="_blank">Pro-G.co.uk</a>
  20. lol I get the same one, except for "Hey Adriaan" It's probably a new mix that Danger Mouse did for them. I checked that westcoats2k.net site (yeah remember Young Maylay Chris) and also couldn't find anything. Anyway I bought Ridge Racer today and sound + graphics is amazing. If GTA LCS looks like that then I am gonna be happy, but I know it is gonna be alot better.
  21. The American publication PSM was sent out recently to subscribers and it contained a nice article pertaining to the Playstation 3 and details on some of the games. There is a huge list of titles from current and new developers. Of course it had Rockstar with 2 titles. One is a Western-themed action game and the other is ...... GTA4. According to PSM the PS3 should be available worldwide in 9 months or so. Interestingly they had some information on GTA4. We quote: Rockstar North is said to have had its dev kit since August this year and is currently working on a brand new game engine for their next-gen GTA titles. Rockstar is aiming to create a photo-realistic city for GTA 4, complete with seriously advanced AI for the game's NPCs. The game's city is still unknown, but we do know that it will be broken down into smaller, more detailed areas at the engine level, into which the game designers are going to be able to pour more textures, more object variety, and tons of details such as discarded soda cans with their own physics. Expect screenshots and more detailed info on this title early next year. Sources: Sponge and Computerandvideogames.com
  22. Hey I just thought I should come in and say..... Happy B-day to Chris Phillips, founder of THeGTAPlace.com (yes, the one you are on now) . Since I met you earlier this year you have been a great co-admin (so to speak) and above all a great friend. I hope you have a great day out there in the UK and erm... God Save the Queen!
  23. While I was registering my PSP at YourPSP.com I came across the Liberty City Stories section finding 3 low-quality digital screenshots and various bits of information. It also lists the game as an October 2005 release. If you like digital screenshots, rather than bad looking scans, then visit the Liberty City Stories section of YourPSP.com Our site will be updated soon with more digital screenshots. UPDATE: The link goes to the South African Mirror of YourPSP.com because the page is no longer available on mirrors for other locales, for example on the UK mirror the page has been taken down for some unknown reason.
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