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  1. idonoanidontcare

    Vice City downloads

    you can download mods onto consoles the you buy the max drive or whatever its called and do your thing
  2. idonoanidontcare

    Your favourite gta wanabee

    my fav gta wannabe is mafia (i accedently voted for simpsons hit n run) simpsons is relly good too
  3. idonoanidontcare

    whats your fav ps2 game except for any gta

    ive always liked sly cooper and gt 3
  4. idonoanidontcare

    Whats the hardest game

    nothing could put gta out of the market lol the hardest game ive played has to be Mafia ive owned it for like 4 months and im only like halfway done with it
  5. idonoanidontcare

    Do you have a psp?

    i think its absoultluy pointless its overpriced it might change my mind if i played it im saving my money for a ps3 and the new xbox
  6. idonoanidontcare

    How far could GTA4 go?

    no vice city was excacly 2x bigger (think about it before you say it) well, i think that there are going to be several islands including vice city liberty city and san andreas. i think the map will problebly be at least 5-6 time bigger then san andreas. i also think there will be hurricanes/landslides/tornados/floods/snow/bullshit/and more bullshit. thats what i think
  7. idonoanidontcare

    Win a GMail account, from me!

    matthew(i dont know if i spelled that right)
  8. idonoanidontcare

    Win a GMail account, from me!

  9. idonoanidontcare

    Coke Vs. pepsi

  10. idonoanidontcare

    mc donolds vs burgerking

  11. idonoanidontcare

    i need info on vice city european directors cut

    the vice city europeans cut it has like seven new missions and three new scenes, i need info on it.
  12. does anyone know anything about vice city european directors cut???
  13. idonoanidontcare

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    if i have a sick mind your mind is dying
  14. idonoanidontcare

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    it was spossed to be a joke haha
  15. idonoanidontcare

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    hot pocket same dam thing i wouldent want to watch a car show i would make a car and it would be an easy way to make money