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  1. U have the most posts out of everyone that was banned.

  2. This is my old account.

  3. Vincent Valentino

    New Layout Preview

    This is for the main site ,correct? you should make a new fourm skin based off that layout.
  4. Vincent Valentino

    *ruin my wish*

    your wish comes true ,but as you are transfering you get eaten my a comp virus lol. I wish i could buy spazes house.
  5. Vincent Valentino

    *ruin my wish*

    Too bad, their are enough gta sites already ,wish succesfully ruined. I wish I could get my ps2 to work again.
  6. Vincent Valentino

    What would you do if...?

    Well my famliy sucks, so i would laugh . wwydi i made your pony die?
  7. Vincent Valentino

    The Return

    Nice to have you back........who are you anyways?
  8. Vincent Valentino

    Can't Use The Forums

    Spaz I can let you have my bargust account of you . Other than that I can't help you
  9. Vincent Valentino


    Dont you dare leave,you are one of my few friends on tgtap, so dont leave! !!!
  10. I made this bacause I know some are fighting about this when the pole is done chris will go with the results....I guess. Should we have a karma star syestem?
  11. Vincent Valentino


    All my class mates know my pass ,and Genocide stfu before I skin you're ass raw.
  12. Vincent Valentino


    Shit shit shit, my aim just got hacked to it won't let me im aemboy or my girlfriend wtf.
  13. Vincent Valentino


    No I didin't, and I have been changing names way before I knew you guys.
  14. Vincent Valentino


    Hey spaz why do you think I switch aim names so much? my aim account was hacked before, so now you all know why I change my aim name so much