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  1. Yeah, for sure. I was like-wise drunk, and buzzing like fuckin' crazy. Even after the place cleared out a bit I could still feel all the energy in that place. I would most certainly enjoy seeing more shows at that venue.
  2. I have an old PSP-1000, got it the day it released in America. It currently does not work off of a charger, even after buying a new battery for it.
  3. I went ahead and got the 3G/Wifi version because I figured I'd rather have it and not end up using it then deciding I want it and having to shell out the entire price over again...
  4. Major bummmp, but just bought a Vita today, and so far, I'm enjoying it. Being one of those losers without a smartphone, I now have mobile maps, FB, internet, etc. I'm thinking down the line I might get a 3G plan for it through AT&T, but for right now I'll just use the WiFi. So far, the touch screen seems to act up a little bit, but I've never had a touch screen work flawlessly for me. Typing has been decently easy compared to what I've used before with on-screen touch key boards. Just thought I'd throw some words out there.
  5. The biggest open world map was Just Cause 2 wasn't it? R* will have a hell of a time trying to make something bigger than that (with acceptable amount of detail.). Actually, they specifically said it would be the "largest and most ambitious game they have created".... So not ever, just in their history.
  6. Well, then that's what this thread is for. Finding GOOD hip-hop.
  7. ^This^ Just because it's one city doesn't automatically mean it has to be smaller than a three city map. You can easily find three states in the USA that will fit comfortably in Texas. Just sayin'.
  8. Oh, here, I guess. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZziL_JhsoA So the Flobots ended the set(and by ended, I mean we straight shouted "ONE MORE SONG!" until they came back out, and then they played like 3 more songs) with "Rise", and we(the crowd) FUCKING LOST IT. I've never seen a crowd jump so damn high.
  9. Watsky, Flobots, Snoop, Khalifa, Mac Miller, Atmosphere, Jedi Mind Tricks, Nappy Roots, and some other people that most people who don't keep up with YouTube rappers usually don't know about. However, I FUCKING DESPISE MAC LETHAL. It seems that all he really tries to do is rap faster than Watsky, all the while Watsky can spit faster than most emcees out there, yet doesn't give TWO SHITS about the ability to rap fast. He says he enjoys it, but is much more pressed about the content of his rap than the speed of it, which is why he takes the time to slow it down every now and then. IGNORE my facial expressions, I was a tiny bit drunk, and a tiny lot star-struck and taken aback in the presence of such awesome fucking people. Jonny 5 Brer Rabbit Signed vinyl? Signed vinyl. Can't wear my shirt cause I can't wash my shirt cause it's signed? Don't care, worth it. (Psstt! In the picture right below this, that's totally Chestnut's eye in the bottom right corner. lol. SOOON) And just in case, George motherfuckin' Watsky.
  10. So, who here is into the rap game at all? I've caught two shows this year, Watsky in July and The Flobots last night. Got to meet 'em all, as well. Real ass motherfuckers, incredibly down-to-Earth, amazing musicians, and ridiculous performers. These guys know how to pump up a crowd.
  11. Besides, we already have Rockstar credence. Just sayin'.
  12. The problem I see with attempting to get our name back out there, is it's always such a slow process that the new members come and see pretty much an inactive forum, not really making them want to stay.... So unless we get activity, we can't really get activity. As such, my idea is to get activity and then maybe that will get activity? What I'm saying is, we've locked the key inside the box, so we gotta unlock the box before we can unlock the box.
  13. I use to have one, and I loved having it, quite dearly. Use to have my PS2 plugged into it, and it's how I captured video and screens of GTA SA, for I lacked a copy of the PC version. I have one of the ATi All-In-Wonders.
  14. Ron Paul seemed a pretty fuckin' awesome dude to me, as well. Like, an entirely different breed of republican. Unfortunately, now I cannot vote for him. Also, my state's governor yanked the medical marijuana bill from our state ballot. Yeah, as if there was hardly a reason to vote this year as it was, I'm staying my ass home.
  15. Well, when the military is getting more funds than education, small businesses, civil rights, the sciences, the arts, etc... I'm not too sure we really have too much to worry about defending...
  16. It's probably all just a puppet show like the conspiracists claim. In my lifetime I have yet to see anything but greed, corruption, extreme bias, and careless handle on money that respectfully does not belong to them. No matter how you cut them, they are all the same person.
  17. You, uh, sure about that? Um... which part? I think the "most" qualifies the first part, if you meant that part about third chances... well... heavily dependent on the person and how I view them. BTW was that the infamous MGilb or whatever his name is, that you're talking about. Posting pics of his cock and stuff. And what else was it just random porn and gore or shit like that? Heh... wonder what happened to him... Well, you said NO third chances and I can name three off the top of my head. XD And yes, that was Mgilb's very first appearance. It ALL started because he was posting shit in the GTA IV wishlist such as, "being able to hijack buses full of children and take them to the crusher", and "walking up to women pushing strollers and grabbing the baby and shaking it violently", as legitimate ideas. At first we voiced our distaste in the ideas, then went on to ask him politely to stop, then we got all stern about it, THEN we started issuing warnings. After that, we discussed it for a bit and we were like, "SUSPENDED!". It only kept escalating til the shit head got bored with it. Ah, fun times. Up 'til 6:30am that night.
  18. We've got people with arms in air over gay marriage, cannabis regulation, and abortion.... Yes, I agree, these are important issues dealing with our very core civil rights.... HOWEVER, we have significantly more pressing issues going on right now. And our candidates and those running their campaigns aren't stupid, they see us getting excited over these issues and use them against us to get our vote, secretly hiding their real agenda. Wake up, America.... You're killing yourself, spooning the poison into your own mouth and you don't even see it.
  19. You, uh, sure about that? I've been through so many staff changes and rearranges since I first came here. Gerard and I had a unified moment of glory when we battled a spammer for literately 5-6 hours straight, banning accounts and quickly cleaning up the forums. No other staff was on at the time, and we held down the fortress pretty well I might say. We were both merely section moderators at the time, if my memory serves me correctly. I've also partook in SEVERAL threads precisely like this one, and I've shared many a story of this forum's history, and I've just not got the energy tonight to take this post any further.
  20. Resistance is victory, defeat is IMPOSSIBLE! Love that song. Off-topic, going to see them in October in Orlando. Fuck yeah! I don't believe in the slightest bit of censorship. Cause I wanna see the cool and the classy, and I wanna see the CRUEL AND THE NASTY. Cause if it's real shit, let me feel it, and you can't deal IDGAF!
  21. In my opinion, we ALL need to shut up, sit back, and enjoy the ride. And while we're enjoying the ride, let's enjoy with each other, shall we? No need to be lonely. Share the ride with all of humanity, and share it equally. Live and let live. Die and let blossom. Change and variety are the most important aspects of life, we have no control over these things. It's time to stop with the labels and constraints, the him and her, and the you and I. Us. We. Humanity. HUMANITY.
  22. I think spending months planning an elaborate mass killing is definitely one of the signs of insanity. As would be going through with said plans. Regardless of what the reasons or motives behind this were, I find it to be shitty publicity surrounding the movie that this happened, on opening night at that. It's upsetting to think that there wasn't one person in that crowd ready to act in defense of the people. And I especially can't figure out WHY THE HELL A 3 MONTH OLD BABY WAS AT A MIDNIGHT MOVIE RELEASE. WHERE THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? That's all I have to say on the matter.
  23. That response didn't make any sense to me. At all. I'll read it again at a decent hour after a proper amount of sleep.
  24. Ah, but the question has NEVER been "Would the kittens kill the t-rex?", it's "COULD the kittens kill the t-rex?"
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