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  1. Uh.... If you're having troubles running it, then your PC just isn't good enough. If there's lag, it really isn't the game's fault.
  2. Is this Martini dude just copying older posts in threads? Oh, and one must also take into consideration intelligence. Cats are very good hunters. They are sly, deceptive, and cunning.
  3. Yeah, my ex makes frequent stabs at my unibrow, and use to shave/pluck it when it bothered her. I shall tell her she's not alone in her opinion of my eyebrows. Okay, I've got some more pictures I guess. My niece and I at iHop, don't remember the occasion. This one is of myself and one Mr. GEORGE MOTHER FUCKING WATSKY at his third show of his tour, Jacksonville FL.
  4. Yeah, but that's practically considering milking a franchise, which some of their actions already could be labeled as such. Pumping out games like that is looked at as a way to drain their fans pockets, which is frowned upon. It's about making a solid product that not only did you enjoy creating, but your customers will also enjoy using. If you're looking to pump out as much as possible or make as much money as possible, you're doing it wrong.
  5. Well well well, Rockstar. Have you something worth-while to keep us waiting for? Ball's in their court, let's hope they deliver. Not that I doubt Rockstar very often, but I also don't tend to doubt Valve and those assholes WILL NOT GIVE ME HL2EP3 AND I'M GOING TO KILL THINGS SOON. I can't handle such a low amount of tension. Up the ante, a bit, please.....
  6. I know this is hella late, but I as well am 23. However, I was 22 at the time you posted that. This is my latest mugshot. It's a close-up for it's intended purpose was FB profile picture.
  7. Troooooollllllllllololololololololoooooolllloooooll
  8. ...... You rendered....... Sound...... In 720p? I'm still missing something here.....
  9. You rendered an image in 720p? That seems pointless. And you downloaded it from Youtube, went through a bunch of shit, just to upload it to Youtube? Am I missing something here?
  10. Good to hear about an actual solid new feature that doesn't, yet, feel gimmicky or cheap. YET.
  11. I give you an A+ on your post. Excellent.
  12. if we had strange sexual preference did you think we whould tell you? if someone is gay did you thing he will tell it? for me i don't think so (i'm straight! [before you start asking me your questions]) ..... Yeah it's sort of the point I guess. I mean, what's so bad about sharing what is strange about us? Quite frankly, any little subtle difference between two people is strange to both of them. That's pretty much the interesting part of life.
  13. Uh.... Charge for the game? Why is this so impossible of an idea?
  14. I disagreed with this guy up until the virtual gamecards came into play and my spending addiction was like, "FUCK YEAH WIN ALL THE AWARDS!"............ I guess that's technically support for their idea of it simply creating competitive drive as opposed to valuable activity. Oh, and I chuckled at the pictures, being that the names are crossed out yet they are clearly identifiable as two distinct people. Odd combination of people, I might add. And YES this topic is hella old, but it's the latest in this subforum AND I was half-mentioned. So there.
  15. Oh man, I feel sorry that you experienced the second before the first.... But do go through the first one, it's amazing. I'm currently going between wanting Valve dead for not giving me HL2EP3 yet, but also loving them for actually delivering well with Portal 2. Borderlands does seem interesting, at least.
  16. It's about being gay or straight and playing GTA, which is still a discussion about sexual preference. Of course, the dude has been banned for a while, but in case anyone else feels the need to jump in and say similar things.
  17. I'd just like to point out that the game is also about killing and stealing cars. So all you with clean criminal records, get out of here. If you're not a gang banger or a mob boss, get out of here. How many of you don't even have a license? Out. Sleep with prostitutes? No? Have you had sex at all? Yeah, brilliant logic, I guess.
  18. The media and arts should be free. I shouldn't have to pay to enjoy someone else's hobby. But then again I don't believe in the currency system, anyways. That's a slightly different discussion though. Here's the thing, WHO is entitled to the money, who is GETTING the money, and who are we stealing from by pirating media? In the record industry, the artist gets virtually NOTHING from cd sales, so who is out the money? The artist, who deserves the money, is out the money either way. We're ripping off record execs who do NOTHING and get MILLIONS, exploiting ARTISTS. It's justice. Pure and simple.The artists get money from increased ticket sales due to higher exposure because of people getting their work for free, and the record company gets less(but honestly, not much less) dirty money. Everyone wins, except the assholes at the top.
  19. Did you SERIOUSLY put CS on there and NOT Half-Life? Half Life is my favorite series, and Portal is good stuff, also.
  20. We probably aren't picking up anymore games for a while. We have Little Big Planet, MotorStorm, Duke Nukem, GTA IV, Arkham Asylum, Turok, Portal 2, and the only one we have completed is Little Big Planet, and there's still shit left to do in it.
  21. Actually, Chris, if you want to get technical.... Doesn't modding software that doesn't belong to you fall under copyright infringement? Which would mean ALL sites like this could be taken down just for hosting non-profit modifications. Took me a couple of minutes to swallow that when it finally clicked.
  22. Well, the SECOND movie was the last one based on a book, and the FUNNY PART is that the second book was ONLY written so they could make a movie out of it. True story.
  23. So bought GTA IV complete edition yesterday. The main game and both episodes, 20 dollars. Shit is going in the store for 50-60. It's been a month since I got my PS3, and I'm JUST now picking up GTA.

    1. Chris
    2. Spaz The Great

      Spaz The Great

      Yeah, who all here has GTA IV for PS3? I'll try to make some time to hit the network.

  24. I assume you understand it's in the works? They are both good directors, and have some great works under their belts..... But... They both need to chillax for a bit and quit trying to pump them out. They are starting a slip a little bit. COME ON, TITANIC 3D? NECESSARY? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
  25. Good tactic, I say. And that's why we love you too, Spaz! Oh thanks for all the love, guys. I knew SOMEWHERE I was loved! [email protected] #NewYearsResolutionsToBeBroken
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