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  1. Well, I mean, what HAVE I got to loose? People will fall for anything these days. It's like Darwinism for the internet.
  2. They're going to let us stew over it a bit, I'd guess. Probably let it go long enough for us to get angry, then give us some more info.
  3. Finally... It's a tad hard of a concept for some people to understand, both "mature" and "immature" alike, I find. Uuuhh.... FPS war games are okay, but not GTA? You still kill people. And you can even still be the bad guy in war games. Yeah I guess that's the contradiction in my logic. Like Red Squirrel said, the older GTAs seem a bit more violent in some ways than GTA IV since you had access to chainsaws, katanas, hammers and whatnot. But one might argue that, that is just as violent (if not less) than calling in an airstrike or throwing a grenade to blow your enemies to pieces. I dunno I started playing games like Counter-Strike fairly young and I turned out alright. So he should be fine too. Well, following that same logic, I played GTA at a young age. I started with GTA 2 when I was like 11-13, somewhere in there. Then I got GTA III the year it came out, I was 13? And at 11 I was listening to hardcore rap and vile music such as "ICP". I still turned out okay(arguably). Granted, I went through a "juggalo" phase, but it stayed just that, a phase. None of this "clown for life". But that's another argument for another discussion.... Point is, if you can handle killing people in videogames, you can handle killing people in videogames.
  4. Uuuhh.... FPS war games are okay, but not GTA? You still kill people. And you can even still be the bad guy in war games. Maturity and age do not always coincide. In fact, they seldom do.
  5. And don't forget that rather unique, very defining house station. I could totally tell the difference between ALL the songs!
  6. I remember he returned for a very short while, and then left again. I haven't talked to him since then, but I do recall attempting to find him.
  7. Then it's probably insulting for me to ask who exactly you are......
  8. I hate Facebook / MySpace / Twitter / etc equally. They aren't safe, maybe I'm paranoid, but if anybody on the internet knows as much as my real name any information about me can be compromised as well... As long as you don't give out information, it can not be obtained. And I mean, as long as you're not the only person who shares your name... I have always been a tad bit on the safe side, I've never used my real name in social networking sites. I mean, I use "Spaz Smith" on Facebook. However, Google+ told me it was unlikely that it was a real name and that I couldn't use it.
  9. I tend to agree with this statement. Again, you may not like all the music, but it is fitting for the game. And Lazlow is awesome, and as far as I know has worked on all the soundtracks since GTA III. At least the major console releases.
  10. "The Social Network"? All about that crappy guy that started FB I think this picture sums that up....
  11. I bitch at people all the time because they cry that they got hacked. Noooo, you're just retarded and clicked something you shouldn't have clicked. If you don't know what you're doing, get off the internet. For the record, it's mostly common sense. Then I get yelled at for "not helping any".
  12. But it's MAIN audience are already established GTA fans, and they all already "get" their naming process, or did, until they went and changed it.
  13. Ah, but here's the kicker. They never said no one from previous eras would exist in the GTA V universe. Besides, the simple fact that the next game is GTA V is seemingly breaking one of their rules. Usually, we do not get another numbered game until we get another "world", and sometimes another engine.
  14. Uh, the clone would be the same thing as the original, otherwise, it isn't a clone. There would not be any reason to have asbestos in a clone of anything that did not have asbestos in it. Your brain does not produce THC, it produces anandamide, which is an endocannibinoid and acts in the same manner as THC. It regulates things such as appetite, mood, sleep patterns, etc. It is possible to be "cannidinoid-deficient", and in such case, the only real solution would to be to ingest THC. Regardless, we are not cloning meat over here. I think Japan has some reward for the first person to successfully create synthetic meat. To the government being cartoonishly evil, it isn't exactly the cartoonish part that worries me. The shit they are trying to do over here in America, and most of the citizens are unaware. America wants to control the internet. What an absurd idea!
  15. Glad you finally looked at this thread, Chris. I don't remember the blue layout, but I do remember Pyro showing me the high scores list, which is why he started coming here. People always talk about how long they've been here, and how they remember "the old days"..... I was here before IPB was here.
  16. Believable, if everyone is who they say they are. And that dumb blonde bitch definitely mentions the GTA trailer, and that he was in an episode of SVU.
  17. I actually came back a bit before the announcement. It was completely coincidental. But I'll go with it, I guess...
  18. I would like to have a dubstep + LSD night, myself. Or 2C-I. Sounds....... Incredible.....
  19. Music isn't about how much talent is required to produce or write it. It's about how it makes you feel when you listen to it. It's about whether it makes you want to get up and scream, or jump on the dance floor. It's about movement, energy, and life. Bring the bass up. Way up. I can hardly hear it. Oh and thanks for FINALLY defining dubstep for me guys..... However, I had already figured it out. For the record, NERDSTEP for the win......
  20. Now, don't go teasing me, Gerard! No, Chestnut would attend too, provided we could make it. So yeah, have it in Florida so we can make it. The weather sucks, the people sucks, and there's nothing to do but DISNEYWORLD and Universal Studios.......... But we'd be able to make it!
  21. 1. Duh, being a game based in the same city made by the same people around the same time? Probably going to look similar, just sayin'. 2. Who cares if ANY of the cars resemble their "real life counterparts"? And there has to be ugly cars and crappy cars. I'm sorry, not everything is going to be fast and sexy just for you. 3. Again, who cares. We don't need car customization. But you know what? I didn't see any customized car in the original San Andreas trailer, either. 4. We don't need shooting in the trailer to know we can do it in the game. Just like they don't have to show someone stealing a car, we kind of already get that by this point. I mean, it's only the 13th iteration, not including Lost or Ballad.
  22. Because you're mostly just being negative about GTA, on a GTA board. That is the essence of a troll. Either stop, or you can go else where. Thank you, Gerard, for spiking his breakfast for me. I KNOW that just a month or two ago it was automatically removing embedded quotes, and then BAM! quote training. I certainly hope some of that info is really leaked. But really, how could we ever know? What if it IS leaked information, but then they decide to take some of it out, and then it looks like rumor?
  23. The DLC did get released for PC as well actually. As for San Andreas you got access to each city in the following order Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). San Andreas (California) is the state that those cities are in, so based on the official R* announcement the game is set in Los Santos with the surrouding countryside, mountains and beaches. Basically the bottom half of the old SA map that totalaccessGTA posted. However, if they are re-imagining the city, they might change out the layout and geography just as MLL said in another thread. Las Vegas isn't in Cali, it's in Nevada.
  24. In Florida we have Almost Summer, Summer, Not Summer Anymore, and Fall. That's it.
  25. Dammit, you're still here? Nah man, peace. I can't be on the internet with the likes of YOU!
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