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  1. kerr

    Favourite radio station?

  2. ok who ever makes me the best sig gets $1,000 i want flames in it
  3. kerr

    Favorite all time GTA car

  4. kerr

    i need a sig please

    true i have it in the bank
  5. kerr


    to be able tp add performence parts to the cars
  6. then you could blow up the twin towers
  7. kerr


    its at the airport in l s
  8. kerr


    he is right
  9. kerr

    Girlfriend glitch

    no you can not stor cars there
  10. kerr

    New Cheats

    does anyone know the f1 car cheat
  11. kerr

    whats youre fave misson

    Yeah, i have to admit that mission was fun. ANd the other mission after it. i also liked some of lv missons
  12. kerr

    Whats Better

    carmara couse i can link up my ps2with my camara and save pics on it
  13. kerr

    faverirte plane/heli

    mine are the hunter for heli plane shamel/hydra
  14. kerr

    crap cars

    the cheata its a ferrari how could it be crap sorry about the two posts togther
  15. kerr

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    i think you are right a new weather system
  16. kerr

    When will gta5 come out?

    i say 2007 if im wrong take my car
  17. kerr

    fave house

    so right
  18. kerr

    fave carachetre

    i agree but woozie was fuckin aswem