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  1. Tha OG

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    there should be 2 player storyline when u recruit people u should get a drop down window and choose there weapon when u recruit people if the car is full they should jack a car and follow u more guns on the fire missions u should have to save people in burning buildings by useing a ladder for tall buildings or jus chop down the door with an axe for small buildings more police stars like 10 when u bribe police u should have to pay because thats what a bribe is and skip cars cathing on fire then blowing up it should be like the car would get so bashed up then it wont work u should have to need gas u should be able to fish or cook your own meal u should be able to call people on ur cell phone u should be able to lock your doors u should be able to get neon lights on ur car when u have no shirt on u should be able to see the armor it would be cool to make yo own gang make three types of people in your gang dress them and make them carry any weapon peds should be able to get 6 stars if a ped hit u the po po should get them
  2. Tha OG

    Spam Attacks

    Yeah, i want to know to. Cause i have been trying to get on everyday to see if it was back up.
  3. Tha OG

    Which Cheat Is Better?

    But look, you can get a tank from the cheat or the army base else too.
  4. Tha OG

    GTA PSP Box Art

    I have. I seen it on Spike Tv's 2004 Video Game Awards Hosted by Snoop Dogg. San Andreas won game of the year. I think Will Smith or Sameual L. Jackson. I dont no which one but they came out with a PSP and said it was the only PSP made in America.
  5. Tha OG

    A Cool Gang War Site

    To sign up for it go here: i forgot with one it was but jus check them both out.
  6. Infinite Health Cheat-Down,X,Right,Left,Right,R1,Right,Down,Up,Triangle. Makes you mostly bulletproof, and fire, punches and melee attacks don't hurt you anymore. You can still be hurt by explosions, falling, getting run over, and drowning.
  7. No Peds/Cars RIGHT, L2, L2, DOWN, L2, UP, UP, L2, R2 or Unknown Cheat 2 RIGHT, L2, L2, DOWN, L2, UP, UP, L2, R2 I heard 2 different storyes.
  8. Tha OG


    Yeah i also have the game. Chris, the game is has almost every thing GTASa needs you can destroy any buliding. You can leave ur car and go anywhere and come back still there. You can Be in any Army: Russian Mafia, North Karian South Karian, Chinesse, and The Americans. You can also be disquiesed as a Civilian. Chris i recommend you try the game out. PS. sorry for my mispelling.
  9. Tha OG

    New Cheat

    found by: edisoncarter, Got another new cheat, but I haven't been able to figure out what it does: (Unknown) SQUARE, SQUARE, R2, LEFT, UP, SQUARE, R2, X, X, X The things it's not: *All Tags Sprayed *All Horseshoes found *All photo-ops taken. *Mission Pass *Mission Select *It's not affecting peds/cars/cops in anyway *keep weapons after getting wasted *keep weapons after getting busted *infinitive number of bullets in weapons *true roit mode *spawn hunter *spawn any car. *infinitive jetpack height. *boost up status *take down stats *lock stats *unlock all islands pointed out by gta_gangsta * 2 Player of any kind * Nio Falling Damge * Everything Is Free * Max Dance Score * Nothing To Do With Girldfriends * Never get fat or lose fat * Never lose muscle * run faster * swim faster * Hiomies have different guns * No car, boat etc damage * Mods * No Noise (Burglery missions) * Infinity time with anything * Spawn Weapon (Like Katana)
  10. Tha OG

    Question: Skip Trip?

    I have dont it before to but i dosent work for all missions. How about any one else. Does it work for every mission you fail?
  11. Tha OG

    2 Player Mode Question

    Ok, Thanks
  12. Tha OG

    whats youre fave misson

    Yeah, i have to admit that mission was fun. ANd the other mission after it.
  13. Tha OG

    who did you hate

    LOL. Same here.
  14. Tha OG

    Whats Better

    I say EVO Drive.
  15. Tha OG

    Have you ever gotten a........

    Do you have any reason why alot of people have problems with GTA San Andreas. All my other games work perfect.