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  1. He's afraid of the b& or something

  2. ryansg

    GTA B3yond

    i'm interested PSN: ryansg
  3. ps3- ryansg- GMT0 * challenges GTA DON as leader *
  4. thanks for adding me as a friend on PSN GTA DON much appreciated
  5. are you ryanvg?

  6. i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the new demo shown at take two interactive's recent e3 conference. i saw this on a different web site
  7. how much is $100 in pounds,£50 ? not that much off if thats it
  8. there is a story on planet grand theft auto that says that rockstar belive that gta iv will get a M rating in the US(17+) just thought that you might want to put it on the site


  9. yeah it sounds great all i need to do is gt a 360 or ps3 before october
  10. thats where the 360 version and the ps3 version could differ with different multiplayer and online content being unlocked with different completion tasks or something along that kind of line
  11. or he could have something to do with niko's past?
  12. no i'm going on holiday and wont have any internet access and wont be back until the 1st of july
  13. who is this jacob guy i havn't heard of him yet just niko roman and elizabeta
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